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Mediterranean + Greek Island Cruise, May 7, 2012

3 Oct 2011 LMF asked


Hey everyone!

My friends and I just booked this trip. So excited! Join and we can all keep in touch before the trip.

Lauren :)

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  • 3 Oct 2011 lou_85 said


    Hey, is this the Med Trail and 3 day greek island cruise? If so I’m doing this one but my departure date is the 8th of May not the 7th?

  • 6 Dec 2011 Jennieva30 said


    H Lauren and Lou i :) i just came back from my first contiki tour and it was AMAZING looking at this tour to go back to europe next yr just haven’t decided on an exact date…are these your first contiki tours?

  • 6 Dec 2011 lou_85 said


    Hi Jennieva! Where did you go?!. I’ve done the Euro Vista, but that was over 5 years ago now and next year I’m doing 3 Contiki’s – I loved the Euro Vista and can’t wait for the Med Trail!. Is this one of the trips you’re looking at doing? :)

  • 6 Dec 2011 lou_85 said


    Sorry – I just read you are looking at this tour, my bad!. I love that it does the south of Italy and then on to Greece where I’ve never been but always wanted to go!

  • 7 Dec 2011 LMF said


    Hi Ladies!

    Lou- May 7th is considered the travel day and then we actually start touring the 8th. Is that your understanding? I hope we are on the same trip!

    Jennieva- This is my first contiki tour. So excited! 2 of my girlfriends are coming on this trip as well. One went on a contiki tour a few years ago and loved it. You should definitely sign up for this trip. It looks amazing!

    Keep in touch!


  • 7 Dec 2011 lou_85 said


    Hi Lauren!
    Ah, ok – I arrive in Rome on the 7th but it’s not considered a travel day as such for me, I’m coming from Aus (via NYC), are you from the US or Canada? maybe that’s the difference… oh well at least we are on the same tour! I can’t wait – I’m travelling solo so will be good to know some people before I get there and Jennieva I second what Lauren has said you should definitely join this trip! :)

  • 22 Jan 2012 Lisa_CDN said


    Hi ladies,
    I’m tentatively booked to go on this tour, however I haven’t decided between the May 7th or May 21st departure. Does anyone have an idea of what the weather’s like in the beginning of May? I hope it’s HOT, because I just had to endure a week of -30 C temp here in Calgary, AB!

    Lisa :)

  • 22 Jan 2012 lou_85 said


    Hi Lisa,
    I’ve been looking at that as well – that’s why I chose this date, it won’t be too hot – according to some weather sites out there it’ll be around the 20 degree mark but I think it’ll be pretty humid too!. I’m not used to the heat either but I don’t get into the minus 30’s either!.
    Hope you join!
    Lou :)

  • 4 Feb 2012 Lisa_CDN said


    Well, I made up my mind and I’m coming on this trip. I bought my ticket yesterday. I fly out of Calgary to Rome May 5th and back home on the 21st. Sooo excited!

  • 5 Feb 2012 lou_85 said


    Great! Glad you joined :) I fly into Rome on the 7th. Just over 3 months to go now!!!

  • 12 Feb 2012 alsrmt said


    My Husband Rob and I (Amanda) are really exicted to go on this tour for our honeymoon! (got married in Sept so its been hard waiting for this lol) we arrive on May 7th in Rome from Ottawa Canada. This will be my 4th and sadly last Contiki Tour (we are getting a lil too old lol) so I can’t wait, I’ve met so many fantastic people over the years with these tours and highly recommend them to anyone whether your single travelling with friends or in a couple your guaranteed to have a blast! This is my husbands first time going to Europe so I can’t wait to share it with him, I’ve been to Rome before on the Contiki european discovery tour but the rest will be all new and Pompeii has always been on my bucket list to see! We will be looking forward to meeting you all in May! After the tour we’re continuing on for another week in Ireland on our own so it’ll be an amazing trip! Can’t wait!!

  • 13 Feb 2012 LMF said


    Amanda – Congratulations to you and Rob! I’m excited to meet both of you and glad to hear such great things about your past Contiki experiences. It’s my first time traveling to Europe and first Contiki tour. Any advice for packing? Are there any immunizations I should get or certain medications to bring?

    Lisa- Yay! I’m sure it’s going to be a blast. I’m glad you decided on the May 7th date!

  • 13 Feb 2012 lou_85 said


    Hi Amanda! Congratulations to you and Rob, can’t wait to meet you in Rome! :)

  • 2 Mar 2012 Phil said


    Hey Guys,
    My friend and I are booking this trip tomorrow!! Can’t wait! This will be my first big trip, I am so excited to see Italy, Greece and Turkey!! Right after this tour we are going on another Contiki trip to Thailand! Then going to travel around other parts of SE Asia on our own!!

    Lisa- We are from Calgary too!! I think we might be on the same flight as you!

    Looking forward to meeting you all!!

  • 5 Mar 2012 lou_85 said


    Hi Phil :) Glad more people are booking this trip!
    Just over 2 months to go now :)

  • 6 Mar 2012 alsrmt said


    Thanks everyone!! So as for packing I recommend bringing a small pharmacy with you, tums, tylonel, multivitamins, throat lozenges if you don’t use it fine but if you need it you have it. Also I always have protein bars on me as I find I don’t always have time to stop for lunch and they can act as a handy meal supplement, zip lock freezer bags are great too for separating dirty laundry. Contiki is great at telling us what to expect in each place all I can say is listen to their instructions they’ve been to these places enough times to know whats going on and what to expect and most importantly avoid. Another thing thats just safer then sorry is I always register with my countries embassy in all countries I’m travelling too you provide them with your passport info and dates you are travelling that way if you ever get your passport stolen its a relatively quick fix and God forbid anything crazy happened while you were travelling your accounted for in being rescued. Other then that its just common sense if anyone else has any questions let me know :)

  • 6 Mar 2012 alsrmt said


    Oh no shots required for Europe, and if you have pain killers from the past bring them ya never know make sure you have HEALTH INSURANCE!! on my first Contiki tour there was a girl who fractured her lower leg on the first day slipping on the booze cruise and she didn’t have Ins, she just walked on the leg for the whole 2 weeks and she was very lucky on our tour there was a nurse, doctor, a Physio, Registered Massage Therapist and 2 pharmacists all from Canada so between all of us and her boyfriend she was looked after but very much against all of our advise of refusing to pay for an x-ray until she got home she ended up with 3 blood clots in her leg when she returned home again she was very lucky they didn’t dislodge and was okay but not smart. I myself experienced having a bacterial infection from a bug bite in Auz and had to have a cortisone shot, draining of my leg, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and pain killers but because I had health ins it only cost me $65 I can’t stress enough how important health ins is everyone don’t be cheap make sure you have it because stuff can happen!

  • 15 Mar 2012 lou_85 said


    Is anyone bringing a beach/swimming towel? Do you think the hotels we stay at will provide one? I don’t want to pack one! It’ll take up too much room!

  • 25 Mar 2012 Jacquie said


    Hey guys, I am also going on this tour, although I am not going on the Greek Island Cruise after. Instead I’m sticking around Athens for two days after the Mediterranean Trail tour then going on the Aegean Classic tour. I have travelled with Contiki once before; last year I went to Scotland with them.

    Rob and Amanda, I’m also from Ottawa (more specifically, Kanata), but I’m flying out of Toronto so I can fly direct to Rome instead of transferring (so many bad experiences with transfers). What time do you two arrive in Rome?

    Lou – I wasn’t sure either about bringing a towel. I didn’t want to use up the space to pack one, so I’m thinking of just buying one there for going to beach.

  • 25 Mar 2012 lou_85 said


    Hey Jacquie – thanks, I was debating on bringing one, it’s just way too bulky!. I think I’ll buy one there too :)

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