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Review of Aussie Explorer

5 Oct 2011 AllysaDreams asked


Hi there,

I'm thinking of doing this tour next year around August/September time, i'd really love to read a review of this tour form people that have actually been on it.

I still don't know which way to do the tour either....Darwin to Sydney or Sydney to Darwin.

I'd really appreciate any input


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  • 5 Oct 2011 alyssa! said


    I did the Darwin- Sydney a few years back…. highly recommended the tour. You get a bunch of differnet experiences as it may be an island but there is so much to do. Any specific questions about it? I really could go on about it for ages.

  • 5 Oct 2011 AllysaDreams said


    Hi alyssa (we have similar names :o) )

    Thankyou very much for replying.

    Well any tips, the hightlight (s) for you, how much spending money would you suggest for 25 days (I’m from the united kingdom) I’m either going Melbourne first then Sydney for the tour then fly to Perth from Darwin where if I’m brave enough I hope to live and work for a little bit. Or I’ll go to Darwin for tge tour, fly from Sydney to Melbourne then after a visit onto Perth, still thinking about the planning stage!

    I’d love to hear all about it :)

  • 5 Oct 2011 alyssa! said


    Everyday was like the best day ever (then again I say that about every trip).

    Highlights would include: swimming in the falls in Litchfield, Uluru of course was an absolute crazy day and night- and a long one at it- the champagne at sunset omg so pretty! and we were all quite intoxicated by time we got back to resort. Just being in the Outback it self is crazy- the night we camp out and sleep outside in sleeping bags or whatever they call them was unreal experience. Then when you fly over to the coast is like a whole different country. Coast is beautiful- I love beaches so I was at home. Daydream Island is exactly that- I didn’t do whitsunday option, only the day sail which was great as then I was able to spend a day at the spa at resort and lie on beach all day. Great Barrier Reef you can cross out- everyone goes to that really, and then I’m an adventure girl so I did bungee jumping and skydiving in CAirns and both were surreal. Farm stay night was good fun, home cooked meal and 100% country fun. Staying at the surf camp was different too, nothing like surfing at 7am. Then when you get to Sydney they pretty much just say bye and its up to you if you want to explore it arrive early or stay late depending what way you go. I flew to Melbourne for a few days after I stayed in Sydney for a few days. Melbourne is also great city, tons of good shopping and day trips available.

    For money, I don’t remember how much I took, I know optionals cost a lot, and drinks compared home in Canada were like double- so that was a bit of downfall. I think there were pretty much close to drink prices in UK but I can’t do the conversion in my head! I didn’t do much actual shopping as didn’t really have time A and B I wasn’t there for shopping, I was there for adventures. Food- you paid for like half the dinners (most on east coast as in Outback there were more likely to be included), and lunches you were on your own. I’d say I spent around 1000 in optionals and 500 at least on food and drinks and souviners.

  • 5 Oct 2011 AllysaDreams said


    Ah Thankyou all the info! It’s really helpful. How many are on the tour and do people leave half way through, is it alot of English or Americans on the tour?

    Have you done lots of tours? I’ve done two tours, both Contiki in America…

  • 5 Oct 2011 AllysaDreams said


    Wow bungee jumping and skydiving! I hope I can be that brave! How was it?

  • 5 Oct 2011 alyssa! said


    I’ve done that one, one in Europe and I’m doing one this summer in Greece.

    Outback had a few Aussies as they don’t necessarily get chance to go out there that often, I’d say we were split with mostly Canadians, few Americans, then rest English. It’s full bus, so 49, and ya people come and go depending what tour they are doing. As Explorer is the big one and every other tour is just a segment of it- for us bout half of us at beginning were doing whole tour, lost half in Alice Springs, joined up with full bus again in Cairns. We also got a new tour manager and bus driver for each half of it.

    Both were amazing, words can not describe. You could see great Barrier Reef from the sky while sky diving so thats very unique. I knew I wouldn’t get chance to do that stuff again so I had to do it then. Then again how often would I be in Australia… so I did do most of the optionals… oh I forgot Draculas dinner…. must do!!!! Its good food and the show was hilarious and amazing.

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