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13 Jun 2006 Gasman said

Hello Everyone. <BR><BR>This tour does not appear to be very popular. <BR><BR>My Eastern Discovery tour on September 29 has been cancelled (by email) less than a week after the early booking discount closed. I paid in FULL a month ago.&nbsp; I have committments at either end of my tour I cannot "reschedule".<BR><BR>Maybe I was the only one booked on the tour! <BR><BR>I would suggest that you wait until close to the time of departure before booking and paying your hard earned money for a tour that may be cancelled at a whim. <BR><BR>I have train tickets and plane tickets which are now worthless. Contiki wont reimburse you for costs incurred for booking on a tour THEY CANCELLED. <BR><BR>Please check with contiki to confirm that your tour is not cancelled. <BR><BR>Ciao <BR><BR>Brendan
  • 1 Sep 2006 ptooma said


    Wow, tour cancelled 3.5 months prior to departure – that’s quite a loooong time. I wonder why? Unfortunately, the fine print “Booking Conditions: Once Contiki accepts your booking by confirmation thereof a contract is made between Contiki and you upon the terms and conditions set out below:” at the back of all the Contiki brochures has NO mention of guaranteed departures ANYWHERE, but they do mention:


    Contiki reserves the right to change or cancel your booking in accordance with operating requirements or circumstances beyond its control.

    Contiki is not responsible for the costs of any other travel arrangements affected due to our cancellations or rescheduling of any tour vacations.

    which loosely implies they can cancel and you are SOL. What does “in accordance with operating requirements” mean? Does it mean that there are not enough people? Or does it mean they cannot schedule a Tour manager/driver? Maybe they lost the hotel bookings and a substitute hotel could not be found within the budget? Or maybe they found out that they misgudged the price and the tour would not be profitable? This does leave the door wide open to ambiguous interpretation. Make sure your travel insurance covers your “other” cost (ie: airline, etc) should the tour operator cancel because Contiki is not responsible for that (see above 3.5)

    But since you received notice 3.5 months prior to departure, I guess Contiki did abide by

    Should change or cancellation prove necessary we will give you reasonable notice thereof, …

    But there is no hard fixed number as to how long “reasonable notice” is. Is it always 3+ months ???

    - Vic

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