Any thoughts on the Mediterranean Trail + 3 days

17 Oct 2011 Nikster asked



I am thinking of doing the Mediterranean Trail + 3 days in Greece. I was wondering if anyone had done it before and what you thought about it. I have not done a Contiki tour yet, and just want to be prepared. Any thoughts or information would be great! :)

Thank you!

  • 18 Oct 2011 Explorer1147179 said


    I would definitely recommend it. Some questions though:
    -What are you wanting to get out of it? Sightseeing/holiday, a bit of fun, drinking, sunbaking etc etc? Are you interested in seeing the history and culture of Europe as well?
    -What are you wanting to get out of the trip?

    Personally I would definitely recommend it because you see some really countries, meet new people, have fun, explore Europe, and ultimately an enjoyable holiday. I found with contiki there are generally 3 types of people that go on it-the ones that just drink up and party the entire time, the ones that wake up first thing in the morning to make sure they get to a museum on time, and a bit of both. So i’m sure you’ll fit in and have a good time.

    Also, don’t worry about spending money, budgeting, etc etc. Also don’t worry about thieves and taking money in those little bum-bags. I found it to be fine anywhere and just as long you do the things you would do with safety when you’re home you’ll be fine. The trip is meant to be fun and in my opinion it’s not fun to think about and worry about money. Oh, try all the optionals. Don’t regret it later.

    Anyway hope that helps. Happy to answer any other questions.

  • 30 Nov 2011 Sleeza211 said


    Have you booked this tour? I just booked it leaving Aug 27,2012 with a friend and I am excited to go butI can’t find anyone else that has booked this tour yet. Just wondering.


  • 9 Jul 2012 K said


    I’ve done a Contiki tour a few years back and it was great. Everything is planned so it takes the stress out of traveling. I’m going to do this tour solo this summer just debating between leaving last minute July 30th or August 20th.



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