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18 Nov 2009 Tatiana said

anyone going on this tour during the month of june?<BR>or if anyone has been on this tour previously, let me know what you liked or disliked. If there are any things i should avoid doing. For example optionals..what are the best ones to do. Has anyone tried paragliding?
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  • 19 Nov 2009 Explorer1156312 said


    I’m leaning towards doing this tour in june! A couple of my friends have done this and recommended it. They also mentioned that Monaco was a really nice place to visit but you only stay there for 1 night.

  • 20 Nov 2009 Tatiana said


    yeah i heard the tour is really nice but im just reading all the blogs about it and what people have said and it seems like there is not enough time to see the majour cities. But im not sure about that and also im worried about accomodation. Apparently you have to bring your own sleeping bag or buy one there. I mean we already paying so much money for the tour, why should we get stuff like that already. In my standars sleeping bag is not the most comofortable thing to sleep in but im open minded and willing to try everything especially after visitng all those places im sure i wouldnt care so much, but at the same time why do we have to pay for it and i wont have space to bring my own sleeping bag, thats nuts

  • 21 Nov 2009 Explorer1156312 said


    Yeah it sucks how you don’t get to see everything but for the 20 days, visiting 10 countries and most of its main attractions is pretty good! I guess if you want to see more of everything then you need more than 3 weeks. With the sleeping bags, I definitely agree with you there but the majority of the time I am told you won’t be using it as much so if you don’t have one I would definitely borrow one (preferably a small one so you can fit it in luggage/backpack). My brother did this tour in June this year and he says they have beds in pretty much every accom and bringing it really just prevents you from getting the Bed bugs. (And if you are a party goer, most of the sleeping is done on the bus). I haven’t done this tour yet but I hope this gives you an idea.

  • 21 Nov 2009 Tatiana said


    yeah well i dont know anymore, i mean i like this tour, it sounds very good because i would love to visit all those places. I also like London to Athens tour because i really want to go to Spain. Spain and Italy are my top destinations…but im not sure which tour i want to do. Ive been also researching Topdeck tours and they have pretty good ones too. Theres this one tour that i like a lot which is kinda like a contiki London to Athen tour but when it comes to locations its better in my opinion and a bit cheaper. Well I dont know, im so picky and i cant decide what i want. Ive been researching trips for so long now that im so confussed and dont know which one to pick. Some people say Contiki tours are good but some say they suck….and the same is said about Topdeck. Frowner<!--graemlin::(-->

  • 22 Nov 2009 Explorer1156312 said


    I think if you are a first time solo traveller, Contiki/Topdeck would be the way to go. (You probably have already heard this). If you feel like you can travel on your own then by all means freelance. Or maybe you can do both and by that I mean do a contiki then have some travel time to visit the places you didn’t get a chance or places that you might have liked but hadn’t stayed longer. I know there are so many options to choose from but its not like this is your one and only chance to explore Europe. Everyones picky when it comes to choosing where they want to go, even myself as now I have switched to doing the Escapade. Just have a close look where you want to go and I’m sure you’ll choose the right tour.

  • 22 Nov 2009 Tatiana said


    yeah well hopefully im gonna have a good time. I never travelled anywhere by myself so exploring on my won is a big no no. Especially not knowing different languages would be very hard. If i went with someone else then it would probably be easier but since im going on my own I dont think i would want to travel on my own around Europe..considering im a female. There are so many tours to choose from. I was looking at the Escapage too and i absolutely love it but its kinda expensive.

  • 24 Nov 2009 Jodie said


    I did this tour. It was my first ever contiki tour and I loved it. 20 days was long enough, I was exhausted by the end.

    Check out my travel journal if you want some more info Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 24 Nov 2009 Explorer1156312 said


    Thanks for the detailed insight of the tour!! I just hope that I can get through 25 days now haha.

  • 27 Nov 2009 Morgz88 said


    Tatiana I did the European Experience in September. It was amazing! You get plenty of time to see all the sights. Bonus of this tour is that you get plenty of free time, so you can see what you want to see in each place. Those that wanted to shop, shopped, some did all the sights and others just went to museums. I dont think the sleeping bag was a big issue, we went going into winter and by the end it was getting cooler and I only used it as a light blanket, so if you are going in summer I dont think you will have to worry. I did majority of the additional extras except for paragliding and I wish that I had done it! Everyone loved it and the photos were amazing! We had several girls travelling alone and they made friends with each other. I went with my friend and I spent hardly anytime with her, you just meet new people! I am happy to answer any questions you have about this tour….I think it was the perfect amount of time!

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