Whitsundays Sailing Option ????'s

10 Apr 2009 oooteresa asked

I did my first Contiki in December to Europe and had the time of my life! Now I'm looking into my next trip. I'm considering Beaches and Reefs or Cairns Sunshine Trail and highly considering Whitsunday sailing option as well b/c I love boating and being on the water. <BR><BR>So when you book the tour with the option is everyone on your tour going sailing or only some people? How does that work?<BR><BR>Do you need to pack an overnight bag? How much are you allowed to bring on the boat? I assume you're pretty much living in a swimsuit for a few days. I hear sleeping arrangements are tight but I sleep like a baby on boats so I'm not concerned about that...but are there showers and those kinds of ammenities? <BR><BR>And last...what goes on day/night? Just lounging around and swimming and stuff? Do you dock at all? Any partying?<BR><BR>Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!<BR><BR>Teresa (New York)

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