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can you change rooms with people or not ?

1 Nov 2011 Explorer1312873 asked


I have had a few mates go on contiki and said it was fine

however my last mate went alone on a 30 day or so tour. my mate like me wanted to go expeirence the nightlife. hes roomate did not. everynight when he'd come home at 5am they would nearlly get into punchups about him waking him up etc.

my biggest fear is being stuck with a boring roomate that doesnt want to party. is there anyway around this?

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  • 1 Nov 2011 Cody0275 said


    yeah i wonder about this also, good question! hopefully we get some decent and helpful answers!

  • 1 Nov 2011 Tim&Charlie said


    I did a New Zealand tour (can’t remember the name) in 2007 and each new place the tour manager would hand out a sheet with the rooms and spaces and we would write our name on them… i didn’t have the same room mates for the whole trip! :) hope this helps

  • 2 Nov 2011 cdm115 said


    On a hotel tour you get assigned a roommate, if there is a problem you can talk to the TM and try to get a change. If you’re on a concept tour you pass around a sheet at each stop and sign up for rooms, so that changed at every stop. Roommate issues aren’t that common, but they do happen.

    It’s funny, a lot of people get concerned about having a bad roommate, but the people who would make a bad roommate never seem to think they’ll be annoying… With one exception, people who snore often know they snore and are worried. But if you’re a light sleep and wont like it if your roommate doesn’t go back to the room with you then get your own room. Also, if you have really weird habits or don’t like to shower regularly then you should get your own room.

    No, I never had a bad roommate,

  • 10 Nov 2011 CanadianWhiskey said


    As long as you’re respectful, it’s cool. Everyone is very easy going. If you’re coming back late, just don’t make a racket. We had lots of roomates where one would go to bed early, and the other partied. It wasn’t a problem. Or maybe we were lucky and had heavy sleepers.

  • 11 Nov 2011 Jen_au said


    If you really have a problem with your roomie, just talk to the TM and they’ll try switch things around if you’re doing a hotel tour!! Otherwise if on a hostel tour just avoid that person on the room list lol!!! I don’t know how the camping tours work but I’m guessing that if you get assigned someone and there is a problem you could try get it changed too?!?!

  • 13 Nov 2011 Explorer1312873 said


    look im going on contiki to see a sights but as we know wen ur single you mite meet someone you want to spend the night with. what is the etiquette with your room mate and the girl you have found. do people just go at it while there random room mate is sleeping or is that not on ?

  • 13 Nov 2011 cdm115 said


    If you think something might go on then you should tell your roommate. Sometimes there is another room they can sleep in (people who booked a double room but got a triple room with an extra bed). Otherwise, as a woman I wouldn’t appreciate my rommate hooking up with someone while I was in the room, nor would I feel comfortable if there was another person pretending to sleep while I was hooking up with someone.

    Or just do it early in the night before your roommate comes back.

  • 3 Apr 2012 Daniel88 said


    Ive always had good roomates/ been a GREAT roommie (literaly draging my roomie out of bed so he didnt get left behind one morning) Being considerate goes a long way. Last tour was like 25days and of that he woke me up once or twice and I woke him up once or twice, apologies the next moring go along way, along with a ‘sorry’ drink :p.We got along really well. Be sure you take your room key so you dont have to bang on the door at 5am to wake them up. If you get a ‘dud’ one shop around for a better one. Id say its best to advise you roomate if you plan on hooking up with a girl/guy in the room that way their not there for the show(but dont go telling them at midnight/1am etc, gotta be considerate. I wouldnt do it with someone else that I didnt know who wasnt involved lying in the bed next to me and Id expect my roomate to have the same courtesy. If they did just whip out the camera and get some good pics to sell to make up for your awkward night. (unless everyones up for a party of 3 then thats different :p) If you happen to find that late night hookup theres always spots around the hotel-just dont get caught. Some people are nannas and pops and go to bed at 10, others are partiers and stay out to 2ish then theres the party animals who stay out till dawn. Theres always a mix. Respecting the roomate code iss the best advice I could give

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