European Contrasts 4th June 2012

7 Nov 2011 Kyle Havenstein asked

Kyle Havenstein

Hey guys,
Just wondering if I'm the only one doing European Contrasts on 4th June 2012, it seems everyone is doing the tour on 8th June?

  • 8 Apr 2012 Chris.H2105 said


    Hey everyone. no wonder there are no locals left in Perth these days. they are all out travelling the globe.

  • 8 Apr 2012 Aleisha91 said


    haha yer i cant believe how many there are from perth!! where r u from? glad to have another person on the tour, was beginning to think there were so many girls compared to boys haha

  • 8 Apr 2012 Chris.H2105 said


    In the hills. Kalamunda. A mate of a mate said some people had cancelled off of this tour group. So just checking things out. I’m fed up with work so looking for a change of scenery for a while

  • 4 May 2012 Rosie said


    I’m on this one! And i’m leaving perth on the 1st of June!!! probs on the same flight haha

  • 4 May 2012 *Kaz* said


    Yay Rosie! It’s so close now. Its going to be amazing :D

  • 5 May 2012 Rosie said


    Yes Kaz! I’m sooo freakin excited!! i’m going on my own and I turned 18 about ummm 3 weeks ago haha and then after contiki i’m staying in Leeds for a month, then staying in Dublin for 7 months, i have a contract playing hockey with a club over there, i had to beg them to let me do this trip beforehand and they finally said i could, but said if i get injured on contiki they’ll be seriously pissed

  • 5 May 2012 *Kaz* said


    wow Rosie, that is incredible! That’s awesome! I’m going for a week before hand to see my aunty and then 2 weeks after the trip in London to see my cousin. wish i could stay longer though!
    18! you are so young haha Im 23 but Iv noticed theres quite a lot of little ones on the trip :P Im going alone as well so it will definitely be an experience.

  • 5 May 2012 Aleisha91 said


    thats awesome rosie!! congrats :D
    Where abouts do you guys hail from?
    Can’t believe its finally winding down to a few weeks now!!
    goin to be soo surreal, cant wait to meet everyone aswell :)
    im turning 21 in 2 weeks so that should be exciting just before i leave lol
    Im travelling solo too Kaz, i think its better that way anyway

  • 6 May 2012 Rosie said


    Thanks Kaz :) your plans sound awesome, i think we all wish we could stay longer!
    yeah i’m a little one, so you have to share your wisdom with me ahah
    I’m excited to go alone!! Nobody to slow me downnnn yesss!!!
    Cheers Aleisha :)
    I’m from Bunbury but live more in Dunsborough (so don’t hold the Bunbury thing against me) haha
    just under 4 weeks!! i can’t wait
    That’s so exciting Aleisha! Happy Birthday for then! :)

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