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Worried about my tour being cancelled

13 Nov 2011 Megan asked


Hey everyone-

I'm booked on London and Paris Plus Rome for May 11, 2012 and I'm a bit worried that my tour will be cancelled because it isn't a guaranteed departure. The date right after mine is sold out, and the one after that IS guaranteed, so I'm afraid that people won't want to book the date that I'm going. I booked it back when it was still a "summer preview", so this didn't really cross my mind until recently. I already booked my flight separately and I'd really rather not pay a ton of money in fees if I have to change it around. Any idea if this tour frequently gets cancelled? I tried asking a Contiki rep on the phone but got two different (and completely opposite) answers. I guess I'm kind of freaking out, haha - I'm one of those people who likes to be really well-prepared, so this not knowing thing is making me nervous. Any thoughts or words of wisdom? Or is anyone else booked on this tour?! It'd be great to meet some tour mates. Thanks so much! :)

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  • 13 Nov 2011 MichaelClark said


    I know how you feel.
    I am booked on the European Inspirations 21st April 2012.
    It was not a definate departure, i didnt think much of it at the time.
    I’m worried not enough people will sign up.

  • 13 Nov 2011 Megan said


    Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m worried about too. Like I said, I always plan things far in advance, so it stresses me out thinking that I have to wait a few months until I find out whether my tour will be going ahead or not. Once I find that out, I’ll be able to relax and get more excited. Well, here’s hoping that plenty of people sign up for both of our tours! :)

  • 19 Nov 2011 EmmaEmily said


    i know how you feel. i booked for the Euro Discovery leaving christmas day this year…but it wasn’t a deff departure. and sure enough it was cancelled! fortunatly there was one leaving on the 23rd that wasn’t full so now i’m on that. luckily i was staying with relatives elsewhere for a good ammount of time before my tour and not flying home to australia for a few weeks after, so I just adjusted my plans to leave my relatives a couple of days earlier and now have 2 extra days to explore london after my tour!
    sorry, that’s not very helpful but i guess thats how things happen sometimes. goodluck anyway!

  • 19 Nov 2011 Megan said


    I wish tours never got cancelled, haha.. I know it’s not that easy but it sucks! I wouldn’t be so worried about it if I hadn’t already booked my flight, but since I booked it through another company, I’ll be charged an insane amount of fees if I have to switch my dates around. So I guess I’ll just have to pray that that doesn’t happen! I’m fairly sure that London & Paris is a really popular tour so I can’t imagine it being too much of a problem, but I have the worst luck in the world so who knows. Thank you though! Have fun on your tour! :)

  • 20 Nov 2011 Gerardo said


    I know how you feel. Actually I know how it feels to have a tour cancelled. I booked the European Encounter (winter) from a departure date of Jan 17th, and it actually got cancelled. It was really upsetting! I had to switch everything around. Vacation time at work, and flight which they charged me $275 for a change fee. Now I’m booked to the next departure date which is Jan 26th. I am really hoping that they keep this one on. I have made all the necessary changes to go on this tour. I might even miss a semester of school just to go on this tour. Good luck and hope they don’t cancel on you.

  • 20 Nov 2011 Jen_au said


    do you have travel insurance?? maybe double check to see if this is covered?? I booked an non def departure too (luckily mine didn’t get cancelled, it actually ended up being sold out!) and my travel agent told me that if it gets cancelled contiki will try and put you on a tour to match your plans but if they can’t they do have sister companies that also run tours that might suite better (Trafalgar tours etc).

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