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15 Nov 2011 Jamie asked


Hi, did anyone who is Australian that has travelled with contiki into Europe have any trouble with visas? Are they needed for any specific counties, or will a passport suffice?

Also considering getting a dual citizenship/Passport as my parents are both born in Cyprus if having that will make it easier for me to travel europe.

  • 16 Nov 2011 KrisztinaMelindaPax said


    Havent travelled with contiki yet but I’m pretty sure that the only countries that need visa requirements are Russia and Scandinavia, but you need to talk to a travel agent about that to make sure, as for dual citizenship and passport, it can take months to process. Hope that helps a little bit.

  • 16 Nov 2011 Jen_au said


    Which tour are you thinking of doing?!?! I think most Europe Contki’s are mainly in Schergen countries which with an Aussie passport you wont need any visa, just your passport!! If you are going to Russia you’ll need a visa and in Turkey you get one on the border. I’m not 100% sure about the Balkan region?? To give you an idea, last year I went through the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland and didn’t need a visa in any of these places!! :D

  • 16 Nov 2011 Jamie said


    Awesome, I doubt I’ll need it but I thought I’d ask anyone who’s already done it…. I’m doing the European Encounter in July, so I have 8 months till then, plenty of time to get that dual citizenship sorted too, so thanks that helps me out a lot!

  • 16 Nov 2011 Jen_au said


    Yeah looking at the countries included in the European encounter I’d say you’ll be right on your Aussie passport!! Prob not worth the time and cost of getting a duel citizenship just for that unless you wanna stay and work in europe later on!!!



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