Clothes for NZ in November.

18 Oct 2008 DreamerGirl said

Hi All,

Could somebody please help with the following?
(keep in mind I am from a warm part of Aus with 30degree heat every day atm).

- I am doing the Scenic Southern, Nov 6-13. Is it going to be cold? People keep saying to pack 'layers' in the various threads. What exactly does this mean? Do I need thermals?

- Will it be too cold to go swimming in Milford Sound?

- Can I get away wearing jeans everyday or should I pack something lighter/warmer/more comfortable?

- if its going to be cold, can i get by with a jumper and cardy, or should i bring my big snow jacket? (it's really bulky and warm)

- is there an opportunity to wash clothes on tour? such as singlets and shirts?

sorry for the q's, but i'm VERY clueless!!

any other advice on 'must have' items/clothes would be awesome!





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