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Scandinavia - 12 Aug 12

19 Nov 2011 Lauren asked


Hey, just curious who else is booked on this tour?

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  • 29 Mar 2012 Joseph said


    Hey Mitch welcome to the forum! Which music festival are you going to in Croatia?

    Jessica – Okay cool :) Let me know if you change your mind!

  • 29 Mar 2012 Jen_au said


    Oh sounds awesome Mitch!!! I’m sure you can tick a fair few more off in September!! :) and this tour will get a few off the list too!!! :D
    Hmm the last Contiki I did had heaps of people from Perth too…. must be the thing to do over there!! :D At least you’ll all be nice and close when it comes to Contiki reunions afterwards!!!!! :)

  • 30 Mar 2012 Mitch said


    Joseph — thanks mate! The festival is called “The Outlook Festival” its in an abandon fort!! looks fun!

    Jen – Yeah should be good fun, cant wait!

  • 30 Mar 2012 Melli said


    Hi Mitch, Hi Jessi,
    all of your trips sound like a great thing to do =) I’m jealous as well ;)
    After that tour I just got to know most of Europe ^^ but like that there some trips left to do.
    I’d really love to see Australia someday..but thats soo far away Oo how long is the flight to Berlin? about 24h hours, is that right?


  • 30 Mar 2012 Beth said


    Hi everyone! I’m Beth from NYC. I just booked the tour starting in Berlin and ending in Helsinki. I’m doing a week in Iceland before the tour starts and arriving in Berlin on August 10. So excited for Scandinavia in 4 months! Looking forward to meeting you all.

  • 30 Mar 2012 Joseph said


    Mitch – An abandoned fort huh? That sounds awesome!

    Hi Beth! Welcome aboard! Guess you and I will be representing both the East and West Coast on our trip lol (I’m from Los Angeles). I’m jealous that you’re heading to Iceland, I almost booked that trip instead of Scandinavia…

  • 30 Mar 2012 Jen_au said


    Hi Beth!! Welcome to the group!! Oh Iceland would be amazing to see!!!!
    Melli – yep somewhere between 22-24 hours depending on layovers from Berlin to Eastern Australia. Might be a bit shorter to Perth???

  • 30 Mar 2012 Lauren said


    Welcome Mitch and Beth!!! :) :)

    dw Mitch before my first Europe adventure I’d only been to Fiji and New Caledonia. Booked that trip on a whim and then it hit me once i was about to land in Rome. Freaked me out so much but ended up being so amazing!

    hmmm strange, on my last tour (which was with topdeck) there was only one person from WA and the majority was from Brissie.

    the music festival in a fort sounds awesome. I really want to go to the Icelandic music festival one day where everyone is in the hot pools and they have the djs around them.

  • 30 Mar 2012 LucyHx said


    Welcome Mitch and Beth :)
    Mitch – I live outside of London if you wanna know anything!

  • 1 Apr 2012 Mitch said


    Welcome beth!!

    Yeah this festival should be sooo much fun! cannot wait!
    Yeah Im a little nervous about the whole euro travelling thing but I should be fine…hopefully haha
    Lucy – Oh awesome, ummmm is there anything I should know? haha

  • 1 Apr 2012 Sim1 said


    Hey Everyone, I’m booked on this trip also! Looking forward to meeting you all! :)

  • 1 Apr 2012 Jen_au said


    Hi Sim!! Welcome to the group!! :) where are you from??

  • 2 Apr 2012 Sim1 said


    Hey! I’m from country victoria but I’ve currently been living in london for the past year, yourself?

  • 2 Apr 2012 James said


    Beth – I went to Iceland 2 years ago it is so beautiful I wish I had stayed longer I was only there for 3 days. One thing for sure is you must go to Blue Lagoon.

    Mitch – What kind of music is at the Outlook Festival. This is my 4th time to Europe you have nothing to worry about.

  • 3 Apr 2012 Jen_au said


    Oh I’m from country victoria too!! i live in Gippsland, about 2 hours east of Melbourne! Oh would be so awesome to live in London for a bit!! Are you going to stay there or heading back home soon??
    Ah so jealous of all these Iceland adventures everyone are doing or have done!!!!! Must try and get there one day!!

  • 6 Apr 2012 Mitch said


    Hey james
    yeahh i should be fine haha
    ahh i guess its majorly dance/bass music

  • 13 Apr 2012 Joseph said


    I finally got around to booking my flight! I’m arriving in Berlin at 8:05 AM on August 11th, and departing Stockholm at 9:05 AM on August 26th. Woooo I can’t wait!!

  • 14 Apr 2012 Jen_au said


    Yay that’s great Joseph!!! :) Always feels nice to have everything booked, not just to sit back and wait lol!! :)

  • 15 Apr 2012 Lauren said


    I know the feeling!! I just booked the last of my Europe flights :D Now all thats left is rail stuff and my domestic flights in Thailand and I am sweet :D yay!! 11 weeks to go now :) :)

  • 16 Apr 2012 Joseph said


    Lol now if only we could skip the next 11 weeks and go straight to our trip! I swear I’m counting the moments until I leave…

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