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Do's and Don'ts in NZ....???

24 Nov 2011 AlexG asked


I am going to NZ for my first contiki tour and just wanted to know some general advice from past travellers like spending money, what to pack, what great restaurants/places you stumbled upon while you were there?? I am going in June/July so I know it'll be winter. Any advice or tips from past travellers will be great :)

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  • 25 Nov 2011 ANG! said


    I went to NZ last year, not with a Contiki tho. We found groceries were really expensive in places like Queenstown, and there’s basically one food shop, so you’re stuck with paying heaps for food. Make sure if you’re taking shoes they have a thick-ish sole, I took converse and I could feel the cold coming through the bottoms, and this is just in the town.

    What places are you headed to?

  • 25 Nov 2011 AlexG said


    ok thank you that was helpful :)

    im starting in auckland and going to places like waitomo, rotorua, queenstown, dundon and finishing in christchurch its a 15 day trip

  • 10 Dec 2011 Staceyh313 said


    Hi there,
    I did a contiki through NZ (17 days) in 2010 and it was amazing!! There are lots of optional activities and most people did heaps of them, so make sure you budget for those! Everyone really got into the adventure activities such as sky diving etc, even those who hadn’t planned (including me!). I took a water proof warm jacket (won that I can wear at the snow), which I wore a lot. Particularly because we did a lot of outdoor activities (e.g. climbing glaciers etc). I took jeans, warms tops, things to layer, a scarf…didn’t wear gloves. I wore boots most of the time, with jeans…but also had little walking shoes. Swimmers are needed for the Zorb and hot springs! Queenstown was probably the coldest place, about 4 degrees max, and lots of us went skiing for a day. umm.. so much I could tell you, if you have any specific questions let me know!

  • 4 Jan 2012 AlexG said


    awesome! thanks guys :):):)

  • 8 Jan 2012 Raggamuffin said


    Hey, Some genral advice for you. Take trackies that are comfy and warm but not jeans as they tend to be tight and its nice to be really comftable on the bus when ur hung over and haveing a mostly travelling day. Buy one of those $2 plastic ponchos, best thing ever! Slip is on when u get out the bus, slip it off, give it a shake, srunch it up and use it again next food stop. For clothes, lots of layers for casual, that way you can take a layer off if ur inside in the heating, or on the bus. water proof shoes! A few dresses for clubs or dinners out (tights & water proof boots are handy to wear out) I wouldn’t go without a beanie scarf and gloves as its very very windy in nz and even if its not that cold, it just stops the wind from cutting right though you. Take swimmers! And a smallish towl!
    The only other thing was I have done a eurpe contiki and the nz. I didn’t take that much spending money for activities, I had plenty in europe but alot of the NZ activities are expensive( like bunji or rafting ect) and I wanted to do alot of them. We all did sooo many actvitties, so allow for quite alot of activity money! I spent $700 NZ in south and $550 in the North, luckly i had a credit card.
    Oh and also, Queenstown has a bar with a macanical bull and another one that does tea pots full of shots. Good fun! If u go to the ice bar, do NOT put ur drink down as it will slide off and smash on the floor ( :( that sucks)
    Theres so many adventure activities, if ur not into it so much then just pick one to challenge ur self but don’t do anything that u won’t enjoy, sometimes theres a little pressure to go skii diving or bunjiing but if ur gonna hate it, don’t go. I did the canyon swing and it was sacry as shit but awsome! Do the black water rafting if you go to north island cause its mor elike tubing though a cave with glow worms above. Its awsome! Good luck. have a nice trip

  • 28 Jan 2012 WorldTraveller25 said


    im coming on the same tour alexg. 30th june to july 15th and i need advice too. what to pack? and specifically what is good to see in the central city of Auckland i have a day there once i arrive at 1:00pm local time and gotta check into the mecure auckland hotel. advice on this would be great. and also christchurch staying the night up there after the tour complete. advice on what to see? if there is anything. since the earthquake affected areas. other ideas like how to manage packing souviners – extra bag to pack? shoes? warm stuff – what to bring in regards to this. weather – how to cope with the cold and keep warm but not too warm that i overheat. and general money stuff. how to keep all my money on something so that i dont have to carry around thousands of $NZ with me during the tour. general advice. thx :)

  • 28 Jan 2012 WorldTraveller25 said


    this bar in queenstown sounds awesome. do we visit this bar during the tour or in our own discoveries when ur roaming around town with other contiki people?

  • 2 Feb 2012 Raggamuffin said


    The tea pot bar was called the world bar in Queenstown, don’t remeber the other ones name, but don’t worry too much about that kind of thing, thats what your tour manager is there for. He/She will show or tell you the god bars and resturants. ANd they usally go to the ones that give them group discounts or special treatment cause we are contiki, which is awsome. Means cheeper drinks and lots of games!
    Ahh, again just pack layers for clothing that way you can pop to the loo and take one off if you get too hot. My advice would be to take pack of cold and flu tablets, you WILL need them. Just trust me, you will end up useing them and if u already have them u can catch it early and not run around trying to find the shops. Theres not much to do in Christchurch at the moment, if I had time I probably would have done a guided bus tour of the affected areas. That would have been ineterseting, im sure they can organise it for u at reception. But to be honest i woudn’t plan anything for this day because you’ll be heaps tired from being on the go, you will probably have had a big last night on the piss in the pub and ur probably gonna want to sleep in. Auckland…theres so much, the hotel is in the middle of town, theres lots of shops there, last minute suviners. Shoes…um waterproof closed in shoes for day time, one pair of heels and flats. Take a beanie and scarf, its heaps windy in wellignton at the very least and you’l be cold. again use a cheap poncho rather than a umbrella, they tend to just turn inside out in the super windy places and a poncho is easy cheap and small for ur case. Yeh as long as you have one good coat, a jumper or hoodie and closed in shoes, and maybe a scarf ect then you’ll be fine for weather.
    Lately, take a smaller bag. a back pack or small duffle bag, to put and extra jumper in, a book….water bottle,…poncho…whatever u need for the day and u can leave it on the bus.
    Oh wait, and i just used my atm card in NZ, it usally doens’t cost much with an ausisie bank. Or get a travelex passport, its used like an atm card (At all the same places) but has a fixed exchange. They ussally advice that you get two and keep them in seperate places. Ozr have two atm/credit cards, and keep on in ur suit case and one with you. Its usally not a problem, but better safe then sorry.(incase u loose ur wallet or whatevr, u still have some money on the other card) NZ is real safe, kinda like australia compared to other countries so you’ll be fine. have a good trip.

  • 2 Feb 2012 Raggamuffin said


    P.s. Do the black water rafting (its really tubing) Its real fun and there are glow worms in the caves and its like floating down a stream in a midnight river with thousands of stars! Super cold, but awsome! Also the zorbing was good fun, although only lasts 10 or so seconds. In toupo, so on the party boat cruise, usally a dress up party! Awsome!

  • 2 Feb 2012 WorldTraveller25 said


    omg wow – thank you :)

  • 3 Feb 2012 AlexG said


    that was soooo informative thank u :)

  • 4 Feb 2012 WorldTraveller25 said


    omg yeh i know hey. THANK YOU!

  • 5 Feb 2012 damien said


    If you plan on drinking lots over there make sure you fill up on your duty free it will save you a bit of money when you hit the bars ecpecially if your room mates have there own aswell . Just becareful as if you have a room full of Alcohol it will quickly turn into the party room like ours was and youll for ever be getting in trouble from the tour manager… Remember to take more money than you think you will need as theres nothing worse than like some guys on our tour worked out that running out of money near the end isnt fun especially when you have Queenstown last… Ive done a couple of Contikis now 2 in N.Z.. Remember to get involved in everything you can who cares if you look like a idiot you will not see 95% of your tour mates again after the trip the people that sit back and dont get involved are always the ones that are complaining about how crap the trip was at the end of the tour… But dont forget what happens on Contiki stays on Facebook

  • 5 Feb 2012 WorldTraveller25 said


    wow thx im not planning on drinking lots. im not a drinker.

  • 7 Feb 2012 AlexG said


    thanks damien:)

  • 12 Feb 2012 Michelle said


    Make sure you have a burger from Fergburger while in Queentown :) I went to Queenstown in late june 2011 for a ski holiday and the snow didn’t come early and season didn’t open till month later. I am off on a shorter northern highlights tour early march. I have road tripped South Island 3 times and always have an adventure.

  • 12 Feb 2012 AlexG said


    @ Explorer1329784 i want information about NZ not energy medicine thank you very much
    @explorer michelle thanks for the info

  • 12 Feb 2012 WorldTraveller25 said


    haha yeh thx.

  • 24 Feb 2012 Louise said


    Grilled Burgers in Australia is WAY better than Fergburger. Try one for yourself but I definitely do not support their claim of the best burger in the world.

  • 24 Feb 2012 WorldTraveller25 said


    Are you guys talking about NZ or spain…im confused

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