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Things to do before you go????

14 Mar 2007 Shannon Emily asked

Hello peoples <img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)--><BR><BR>Its only four weeks til i leave for my overseas trip. I was just hoping that ppl who had been overseas before could give me an idea of things they had to get organised before they left? You know like what to pack, see doctor for whatever and things like that? <img src="" alt="Confused" width="15" height="22"><!--graemlin::confused:--><BR>I have started writing a list but feel like i am forgetting so many things. And it is starting to stress me out! <img src="" alt="Eeker" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::eek:--> If anyone who has been before can throw some suggestions on here or had list of things before they left it would be muchly appreciated!<BR><BR>Thanks heaps and heaps<BR><BR>Shan <img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)--> Euro Highlights 2nd May 07 <BR>PS I leave for Mexico before my tour mid April hence the four weeks to go!
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  • 14 Mar 2007 sous said


    also- if you’re taking your mobile (cell) phone, give ur company a call to set it up on global roaming and let them know how long you’ll be overseas for. Also call ur credit card company and Bank card company- let them know you’ll be overseas also- just so they dont see any weird transactions on your account and put a block on it!!

  • 14 Mar 2007 vetjo said


    I’m the same paranoid i will forget to organise something.
    Some of the things on my to do list (not including packing) are:
    Write a list of explanations for the people house sitting for us.
    Go to bank and sort out signing authority for the cheque book so that my mother in law can pay the bills.
    Buy enough dog and cat food for the people looking after our pets.
    Photocopy all my important documents to take a copy and leave one at home – including a detailed itinary.
    Return all my library books
    I’m sure there is more on the list but it is all such random stuff which makes it hard to remeber it all.

  • 14 Mar 2007 ashleightara said


    COPYING DOCUMENTS – in addition to having a copy and giving family a copy SCAN and email them to yourself. That way you have access ‘just in case’ anywhere you are.

  • 15 Mar 2007 Rachelh said

    COPYING DOCUMENTS – in addition to having a copy and giving family a copy SCAN and email them to yourself. That way you have access ‘just in case’ anywhere you are.

    That’s a very GOOD idea!!!
    Didn’t think of that…
    Thanks Ashleightara!!! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 15 Mar 2007 Pirate Tara said


    Thanks for all the great tips! Keep ’em coming! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 15 Mar 2007 Shannon Emily said


    Thanks heaps everyone Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    Im glad a few ppl are in the same boat as me and being total stress heads! LOL Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

    Any more ideas?

    Euro Highlights May 2nd 07

  • 15 Mar 2007 r4v3r said


    General and probably obvious things to do, but can be overlooked!

    • Shut down and unplug all unnecessary appliances and equipment – save the environment and your wallet… although maybe have one of those timers turn on a light at night.
    • Lock up the house and remember where you put your keys – don’t want to get to your front door after your trip and then have to rummage through everything to find your house keys!
    • Have someone look after your pets and plants – unless you don’t like them.
    • Clean out your fridge/freezer and empty out your rubbish bins- don’t want to come back and find growth in your fridge and a smelly house!
    • Have someone check your mailbox everyday – will fill up quickly with junk mail and nothing screams ‘WE ARE AWAY’ then an overflowing mailbox.
    • Make sure bills are paid – don’t you hate it when you don’t have electricity?
    • Generally clean up your house – saves you from having to do it when you come back which you’ll not feel inclined to do!

  • 15 Mar 2007 sue123 said


    More of what to do immediatly before you go, but don’t forget your luggage. Sounds obvious, but it’s happened to my parents before. Their first time going away as husband and wife, htey drove from NY to South Carolina. Before they left, my mom cleaned up the entire house, and put my dad’s suitcase in the closet because it was just too ugly to leave out. Next morning, they’re loading up the car with their luggage, food, etc. and forget my dad’s suitcase. In Virginia, they realized my dad had no clothes.

  • 15 Mar 2007 Ginam650 said


    I’m trying to be very organized about what I need to pack and remember to bring so recently I Googled “travel checklist” and I got a ton of hits. I printed a few of the lists then basically combined them all together into a Microsoft Word document. Then in Word I searched the templates for travel or checklist(can’t remember which) and I found a pretty good basic list. I then added what I got from the other lists, and deleted the stuff that doesn’t pertain to me. It also lists things to remember in the planning process, a week before you leave, day of departure, what to pack in checked luggage, and what to pack in your carry-on bags. So far I have found it VERY useful, and when I remember something that isn’t on the list I just add it in and save it.

    If anyone needs help or would like the checklist I have let me know and I will be happy to share.

  • 16 Mar 2007 Shannon Emily said


    Ooooooh Ginam650 I would love that list if you wanted to share? Why didnt i think of that! Roll Eyes<!--graemlin::rolleyes:-->

  • 16 Mar 2007 jojo7510 said


    me too.

    can i have a copy of the list as well if thats kool.

  • 16 Mar 2007 *CAT* said


    Me 3! Id love a copy. Eeker<!--graemlin::eek:-->Ur a life saver! Thanks Cat Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

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