London accomodation - urgent!

1 Dec 2011 AJ asked


I'm going over to London 5 days before my tour for my 21st and was wondering somewhere reasonable but nice to stay is that's not royal national hotel or imperial hotel but still in that area? Or what people think of those two places?
Would greatly appreciate it as I dont want to leave it to the last minute and make a bad decision.

  • 3 Dec 2011 Jen_au said


    oh I just found this link which is pretty relevant too:,1477954190

  • 4 Dec 2011 Jen_au said


    oh my first reply disappeared?? I’d say Royal National is good because its cheap and its right where the contiki starts but if you want to treat yourself I’d probably try one of the surrounding hotels. I can remember there were some nice looking hotels close by. Try looking at expedia, need it now, rates to go and those sort of web sites for in the russell square area to see what’s around!!!

  • 4 Dec 2011 AJ said


    Thank you :) after 8 hours of searching I found a cute little place which is much much nicer and I’m paying the exact same as I would there just a 6 minute walk :)

  • 4 Dec 2011 Jen_au said


    that’s great!!!!! :) Have an awesome trip!!!

  • 9 Mar 2012 Sacha said


    Hi AJ, I looking for accommodation in London before my tour, where did you end up staying?

  • 9 Mar 2012 mel said


    Hi looking for accommodation after my trip in June any ideas…old story..not too expensive as after tour Royal national becomes more expensive…any ideas?

  • 9 Mar 2012 cdm115 said


    I’ve stayed at the Imperial, it’s just down the block from the RN. It’s nothing fancy, but a decent hotel and a good location. Otherwise I don’t have any recommendations in the area.

    Whatever you decide, I would definitely stay in Russell Square the night before your tour, it’s an early start for the tour and you don’t want to have to travel far.

  • 10 Mar 2012 AJ said


    Hey Mel, I ended up canceling my contiki tour and booking for longer at the pre accommodation I booked. The place is called studios 2 let service apartments it’s a 6 min walk from russle square and the same price as all the places recommended but nicer and the reviews are MUCH better

  • 11 Mar 2012 Jasmin said


    Anyone thought about staying in the nearby YHA instead?

  • 13 Mar 2012 Dee said


    I’m staying at the Royal National. It’s the Contiki basement, which means that you don’t to wake up at a ridiculous time to make your way to your meeting point at 730am the day your tour starts.

    If you’re not a morning person like myself you might like it. If not, there’s the Imperial Hotel which is only 5 or so mins away.

  • 13 Mar 2012 mel said


    Thanxs for advice..! Am staying at Royal National before the tour..problem is I am staying on in London after the tour….need accom for then.



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