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Grand Southern LA to NY 5th July

4 Dec 2011 Irishsal asked


Hi everyone,
I've booked the Grand Southern for the 5th of July - just wondering if anyone else is planning on the same trip? Been on Contiki twice before and I'm really excited for this one.
Hope to chat to some of you soon,

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  • 9 Dec 2011 Doogie23 said


    Hi there I just booked Eastern Discovery 17th Jul – 30th Jul its the 2nd half of the Grand Southern also booked in for New York Uncovered 31st Jul – 3rd Aug so should be on your tour.

  • 11 Dec 2011 Irishsal said


    Nice one – have you done a Contiki before?

  • 11 Dec 2011 Doogie23 said


    Yeah I did a NZ tour just after christmas last year, Kinda wish I had of done one, one of the times I went to Europe now but oh well, This will be first time in states so looking forward to it, I booked in on this one but may have to change the dates as the lease on my apartment runs out on 29th July will need to talk to them and see if they plan on kicking me out or if I can extend it by a few weeks or something would really like to do this one as my birthday is on the 23rd July :), where did you do your contiki’s ?

  • 13 Dec 2011 Irishsal said


    I did a NZ tour in 2009 and an Oz tour as well. Best Summer of my life. Been to America a number of times but never on Contiki – looking forward to so many of the stops. You’ll have a birthday when on tour – you know what that means – crazy times ahead! One guy on my NZ trip turned 21 and he had an amazing birthday. You’ll be well looked after :-) Hope you can get the lease sorted – when I went on my last contikis I knew no-one at all, travelled by myself. Same with this one.

  • 14 Dec 2011 Doogie23 said


    Same its good though not knowing anyone on tour. It forces people to get to know everyone on tour and not just hang out in their little groups a few people from my last one chatted a little on here before they went so that’s how I know about it this time, It will be interesting as I will join the tour halfway so there may be little groups already formed but looking forward to meeting a whole bunch of new people I will kinda know one person on the tour they did a tour with a friend that I made in my NZ tour and they have booked for the Grand Southern, just wish it wasn’t 6 months away I want to go now.

  • 20 Dec 2011 carls19 said


    Where are you all from? I’m from Sydney I’m doing this tour with a friend, we actually met on contiki Europe last year so it’s very exciting to be doing this one together! So excited just wish it wasn’t so far away!!

  • 21 Dec 2011 Irishsal said


    Doogie23, I agree that it’s a good way to get to know people. Definitely forces you out of your initial comfort zone! Carls19 – how are you? I’m from Ireland myself. Can’t wait for July. Very excited to travel through the States. Been to a few places on the East Coast but this includes so much!

  • 27 Dec 2011 rigdog said


    Hey guys, great to see some of our travel buddies are getting to know each other before the tour starts. Like all of you, I can’t wait to get on board and travel around the states again. I was last there in 2006, but only did the west coast, very excited about doing everything on the east coast and the southern states … Plus getting back to Vegas should be awesome. Anyways, keep in touch and let’s hope time travels a little faster.

  • 28 Dec 2011 Irishsal said


    Totally agree rigdog – just booked my flights yesterday as well so I’m all set!
    Never been on the West coast before – only ever the East so I’m really looking forward to this. Roll on July!

  • 8 Jan 2012 clarkdaniels said


    Hey guys – I’m booked into southern adventure starting 5th July with 5 other mates…pretty sure it’s the first half of southern adventure so I think we’ll be on the same bus etc. Looking forward to it! From Sydney and first real trip overseas.

  • 9 Jan 2012 Irishsal said


    Nice one Dannnnn – looking forward to meeting you all!

  • 10 Jan 2012 rigdog said


    That sounds awesome Dan, good effort getting all your mates along. Should be a blast!

  • 12 Jan 2012 Daannniiii said


    hey guys im booked on the grand southern with one of my friends and i also wish it wasn’t so far away! I’ve been to the states a couple of times but stuck to the east and west coast so hitting up the middle will be awesome! I’m from Sydney:)

  • 12 Jan 2012 Irishsal said


    According to this thread we’ll have a few from Australia now:-) I’m from Ireland myself. Can’t wait. Booked a few nights in LA before we start and a few in NY for the end. Excited!

  • 17 Jan 2012 RosieP said


    Hey guys!
    It was just confirmed today that I too, will be on this trip, My names Rosie and i’m 21 from Sydney, Australia. Bit nervous as I am travelling alone and is my first trip alone but am also very, very excited!!!
    Look forward to meeting everyone !

  • 17 Jan 2012 Irishsal said


    Hi RosieP – don’t be nervous – most people travelling on Contiki tend to be on their own travelling – I will be. I’ve done Contiki twice before (LOVE THEM!!!!) and I’m so excited for the trip. Looking forward to meeting you:-)

  • 18 Jan 2012 RosieP said


    Thanks Sarah! I’m sure it will be good. I’m very excited to go on this trip. I’ve never been to the mainland USA (only Hawaii) so it should be amazing!
    Can’t wait!

  • 22 Jan 2012 Amanda88 said


    Hi everyone,
    My friend and I will be doing this tour also! I can’t wait! We are from Sydney like a few people on here lol! I have also done contiki twice before both in Europe so this will be my first time in the states and I’m counting down the weeks already (23 lol) can’t wait to meet u all and have a great time!!
    Amanda :)

  • 24 Jan 2012 Doogie23 said


    wow a few people have commented on here now, look forward to meeting you all in July :) if any of you guys wanna start up a facebook group you can add me

  • 26 Jan 2012 AliceBuz said


    Hey everyone! :D
    Lovely to meet you all!
    I have only just been made aware of this forum by RosieP who I’ve been chatting to since replying on the other forum for this tour on here! We don’t even know each other yet we soon discovered we live in the same suburb! Will be interesting to see if anyone else from Sydney on this tour also lives so close! Small world!
    I’m 23 and will be traveling solo! I am the ‘kinda know one person’ of Doogie23 lol
    I will be away in the USA for about 2 1/2 months in total! Spending time in San Fran before making my way down to LA to start this tour! Will be doing the NY Undercover following this, followed by the Grand Northern tour starting August 3rd, that’s 55 days of non-stop Contiki! I can’t WAIT! :D I will be spending a few nights in LA when that finishes, then doin a Contiki Hawaiian stopover for about 5 days after all that before coming home!
    As of today, I created a Facebook group page for this tour! (Glenn it’s funny that you mentioned it in your last post on here yesterday haha) I hope this link works – or look up ‘Contiki Grand Southern (LA-NY) July 5th 2012’
    ‘Alice Buzinskas’ – add me :)

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