Grand Southern LA to NY 5th July

4 Dec 2011 Irishsal asked


Hi everyone,
I've booked the Grand Southern for the 5th of July - just wondering if anyone else is planning on the same trip? Been on Contiki twice before and I'm really excited for this one.
Hope to chat to some of you soon,

  • 29 Jan 2012 Pete said


    Hey guys,
    I’m Pete from Sydney. We’re beta testing an online postcard site so you can send your postcards straight to facebook or email and just wanted to let you know we have postcards for the places you’re going. yay, no more stamps. Thanks guys and safe travels!

  • 31 Jan 2012 amy12 said


    Hi all!
    A friend and I have booked this tour and are both pretty damn excited! We are from Melbourne :)

  • 1 Feb 2012 SKing2211 said


    Hi everyone!
    I’ll be doing the Grand Southern from the 5th of July as well! My name’s Sarah, Im 21 and from Sydney. This will be my first “big” overseas trip!! Looking forward to meeting you all :)

  • 9 Feb 2012 Irishsal said


    Wow – hi everyone – I never thought when I started this thread that so many people would be replying! The tour is actually now booked out for these days so I can’t wait to meet you all. It’s going to be amazing. Sound like we have a few Australians on the tour which is great – where’s everyone else from? We’re on a countdown – only 5 months to go!!!!!

  • 11 Feb 2012 Claire said


    Hi! im also going on this with a friend who i just read already posted this but were super excited!!

  • 22 Feb 2012 Irishsal said


    Great to hear from so many of you. Alice’s facebook page has really taken off as well so it looks like this is going to be one really crazy tour! Woohoo!

  • 23 Feb 2012 AliceBuz said


    I think we’ve got an awesome group of people! July 5th will surely creep upon us very quickly! :)

  • 23 Feb 2012 Nicole2221 said


    Hi Guys I’m looking for people doing the Grand Southern leaving LA on 19th July, I can’t seem to find a discussion relating to that specific tour so if anyone reads this thats doing that tour please let me know if there is a Facebook page set up or anything, I can’t wait to get to know everyone I’m so excited

  • 23 Feb 2012 AliceBuz said


    Hi Nicole, if you can’t find discussion on here for you tour it’s because no one has posted one yet. I’d suggest you start one yourself and see who replies :) you’d be surprised at how quickly and just how many people may respond! You could also search Facebook typing in the description/start date of your tour to see if there is a group on there already :) hope I could be of some help! Have fun on your tour :D

  • 23 Feb 2012 Nicole2221 said


    Hi Alice, Thanks for that im a little technology retared are you able to let me know how to start a discussion? I can’t seem to find where you do that…

  • 12 Apr 2012 BigAl91 said


    Hi guys, i’ll be doing the 5th July Grand Southern as well with 3 mates. We are all from Sydney. Been overseas a few times but not to America so I absolutely can’t wait. Cannot come quick enough.

  • 1 Aug 2013 chipelz said


    hey, can I get ur email addy for the VIP vegas all access club and pool pass. u get all access to pool parties and clubs, no lines, free drinks and VIP entrance. Everyone else on the tour is already doing it. all I need is ur email and I will send u the invoice. party like a rockstar in vegas and so it in style.

  • 2 Aug 2013 Claire said


    Uhhhh awkward chipelz.. Unless you Have a time machine, Not sure how everyone else on the tour is already doing this.. We all went last year.

  • 2 Aug 2013 chipelz said


    Oops sorry wrong tour

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