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washing of clothes

30 Jan 2010 Explorer1167239 said

hey ppls just wondering how we wash clothes while on the tours
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  • 30 Jan 2010 torz said


    Depending on what tour your going on, but you probably wont have time to wash your clothes.
    Like on 2night stays you can wash underwear and socks in the shower/bathroom and hang them in your room to dry.
    At some hotels you will get the chance to do washing, but it is not common. I think in all my time on tour about 3 hotels had washing machine facilities.

  • 10 Feb 2010 LUKE said


    I did European Impressions which is a hotel tour, and I know that we had about 5 opportunity’s over the tour to wash out clothes. A couple times they could be washed at the hotel we were at, other times they were in reasonable walking distance which our tour manager told us about.

  • 13 Feb 2010 gig08 said


    I went on the European Vista in the fall and there were only a few opportunites to do laundry (keep in mind that all the tours don’t always stay at the same hotels though…).

    Personally, I did washing in my room on 2 night stops—usually tried to wash right when we got in if I had some time before dinner/going out, and it was always dry by the time we were leaving.

    The hotel we stayed at in Nice had a laundry service that charged by weight for washing/drying/folding your clothes. I did not use this service, but know that when people got their clothes back they were sometimes mixed up with other peoples. Also, they do warn you beforehand that everything goes in the dryer- so if you have clothes that will shrink don’t send them in!

  • 16 Feb 2010 fleaguit said


    Ah, one of the lesser known joys of Contiki . . . the funky smell of a bus of people who haven’t had an opportunity to do laundry for 3 weeks.

    Ok, on my tour (European Vista Winter), there was only one opportunity to have your clothes laundered – Hotel Busby in Nice. As the previous poster mentioned, you run the risk of having your clothes mixed up, and everything does go in the dryer. But on the upside, they’re quick, they’re cheap, and they do it while your off exploring the french riviera.

    Other than that, you can try and get by with washing things by hand in your room. It really is a shame to spend part of your day in a foreign city looking for and then using a laundromat, but you may find it necessary. Almost all of the hotels we stayed in offered dry cleaning services, but these were very expensive. What I did was wash my boxers and tshirts by hand and lay them to dry in the bathroom, and gave heavier stuff in for dry cleaning (jeans, pants, dress shirts.)

    The lack of laundry options is kind of a necessary evil of Contiki tours, and I’m yet to find or figure out a way to reliably keep your clothing clean. Good luck, and don’t be surprised if you and your tourmates wind up kind of grimy after a few weeks.

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