European Whirl- 8 May 2012

6 Dec 2011 NatashaFox7 asked


Hello everyone,
I just booked my trip and was wondering if anyone else is going on this tour.

  • 27 Dec 2011 NicoleCooke said


    Hi, im booked on the european whirl 4th May 2012.. i had a look and i dont think the tour departs on the 6th. do you mean your going on the 4th may 2012?? :)

  • 5 Jan 2012 NatashaFox7 said


    Hi Nicole, May 6, 2012 is not a definite departure date yet, but that’s the date I booked on. Where did you look? Just on the European Whirl main website?

  • 14 Jan 2012 NicoleCooke said


    ook yeh i just looked on the contiki site. I havent found anyone going on the 4th may yet lol. so what happens if your tour doesnt run on the 6th??

  • 18 Jan 2012 James said


    Hey,I booked the 31st of may for the european whirl, they said it’s a definite departure,so hope all will be good,can’t wait to meet new people and have some good times

  • 18 Jan 2012 NatashaFox7 said


    I haven’t found anyone who’s booked the same date as me either. My understanding is that I’d get moved to a definite departure day, which looks like either the 27th of April or the 20th of May when I look at the definite departure day calendar. Maybe the departure dates are different for different countries because I don’t see the 31st of may on the calendar either. Hm? Can anyone help explain this to me?

  • 27 Jan 2012 NatashaFox7 said


    I found out that different countries departure dates are a little different depending on when you leave for London. I leave the USA on the 6th of May, but the tour officially starts the 8th of May so I am technically booked on the 8th of May European Whirl, and it’s officially a definite departure date!!!

  • 28 Jan 2012 NicoleCooke said


    argg im so confused?! lol

  • 30 Jan 2012 NicoleCooke said


    Hi Natasha, contiki just notified me saying the 4th may tour has been cancelled so now i have to decide if im going to do the whirl on the 8th or i might do the european experience on the 4th may..

  • 30 Jan 2012 NatashaFox7 said


    Hey Nicole, sorry to hear about your tour being cancelled. European experience looks awesome! The riveria would be great, but that tour doesn’t include Prague, which was definitely at the top of my list. That’s a tough choice, but let me know what you decide! Best wishes.



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