Thai Island Hopper West Feb 22 Depart

15 Dec 2011 Stevo asked


Hey Guys

Just booked this, can't wait. I have heard Phuket is amazing.

I'm from Perth, WA.

Hope to hear from others who have booked this too.


  • 22 Dec 2011 Melanie said


    Hi Steve,

    I have just booked this tour today! Should be amazing, can’t wait!

    I’m from Brisbane. Have you done a contiki before?


  • 22 Dec 2011 Stevo said


    Hey Melanie

    Yeah, I have done 4 Contiki’s before, they’ve all been great.

    Solo traveller so it’s a good way to meet people.

    I’m getting to Phuket on the 20th two days earlier staying at the Sawaddi Patong (tour hotel)


  • 23 Dec 2011 Melanie said


    Hey Steve,

    Yeh they are a great way to meet people. I have done 6 tours before, it’s getting exhausting haha.

    I will be arriving in the morning o the 21st and will still at the contiki hotel also.


  • 23 Dec 2011 Stevo said


    6 tours, wow!

    I thought I had done a few but that’s pretty impressive.

    I don’t think Thailand will be exhausting though, very relaxing I hear. Apart from the insane partying I mean.

    Will prob bump into you just before the tour starts.

    Two months to go and counting….

  • 24 Dec 2011 Melanie said


    It should be a good mixture of relaxing and partying, can’t wait! ;)

    I have a friend who might be joining me now, otherwise I’ll be flying solo as usual!

  • 26 Dec 2011 MelzaTriangle said


    Hey Guys!!!!
    So excited to see ppl on this tour, I booked it ages ago and have been scanning the discussion forums for this tour!!! Getting close now, I’m so excited =) I’m from Bris and this is my 2nd contiki =)

  • 26 Dec 2011 Explorer1338187 said


    Please kindly range them from the top down with the cities that they are in, thank you.
    HGH Ignite

  • 26 Dec 2011 Explorer1300060 said


    I’ve booked it too!! It’s my 1st contiki!!!! SO excited! I am from Canada!

  • 27 Dec 2011 Michael said

    Hello all, Im mike from nyc. I am going on the 25th so I think we just might cross some paths. I’m looking forward to relaxing and partying.
  • 2 Jan 2012 Pagaille21 said


    Hey all,
    Im Luke from Aus. Kristy, my gf is coming along too.

    Booked as of twenty mins ago! This will be awesome.
    Facebook group?

  • 2 Jan 2012 Kristy89 said


    Hey Everyone! So excited for this tour :)

  • 3 Jan 2012 Explorer1300060 said


    I’m up for a facebook group!

  • 4 Jan 2012 MelzaTriangle said


    Yes!! Some one needs to make a facey group!!!!! Not long now guys, so totes excited =)

  • 4 Jan 2012 Pagaille21 said


    One more month of work then finally there!
    facey group here:
    No pressure to join, but we’re all gonna be chilling together anyhow :)

  • 4 Jan 2012 Stevo said


    Good work Luke

  • 17 Jan 2012 Explorer1350253 said


    Already booked & going solo. Can’t freaking wait!! Does anyone else have a layover in Bangkok on Feb. 21 and again on March 2nd. I’m flying from DC in USA :)

  • 3 Feb 2012 ryan0211 said


    Just booked last minute! Now the search for airfare outta NYC . . . sent a request into the FB page!

  • 16 Feb 2012 Elisa said


    Hey guys and girls!
    looking forward to having a blast with everyone! im coming in from brisbane i will be there on monday night, cant wait it sounds like heaps of fun!!

  • 17 Feb 2012 Rossco86 said


    Hi folks,

    I was due to fly straight from Oz to Ireland but booked this on a bit of an impulse 2 weeks ago – from what I’ve checked out it’s looking like a good decision!

    See you all on arrival, hope everyone is getting plenty of drinking practice in this weekend!

    Ross Sinnamon



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