What to wear for New Year's Eve in Australia?

17 Dec 2011 Victoria asked


What is in style for women on New Year's Eve in Australia? At home here in Canada it's very much a black tie affair. What about down under?

  • 17 Dec 2011 mishymoo said


    hey, it depends what you are planning to do. for the most part, people dress up nicely as if to go out to a party or clubbing. nothing too formal. what are your plans and i can let you know more precisely. I’m from Melbourne :)

  • 20 Dec 2011 TEA54!! said


    As Mishymoo said – It really depends on where you are going. I live in Brisbane and we are fairly laid back up here.
    If I was going to a pub it would be 3/4 jean pants, nice shirt & flat shoes.
    If I was going to one of my favourite nightclubs up here – Family – it would basically be the same except sneakers LOL



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