2009/2010 Brochures & Dates

15 Sep 2008 SthOzLad said

Hi All,

I was wondering when the new brochure / tour dates will be released for 2009/2010 for those in Australia. The US brochure has come out but I was wondering when the Europe ones will be out.

Im interested in the Ultimate European in early 2010, but noticed in the current brochure it only runs during the European summer (Theres no dates for 2009 in the 08/09 brochure). Does this mean the dates wont come out for 2010 for this trip until this time next year?

Thanks for your help
  • 15 Sep 2008 PinaI said


    The new books for Europe should be out by October but, generally, the dates will just be for the following year and yeah, you’d have to wait until next October for dates in 2010.

    Maybe try calling your local travel agent and asking them if they have any dates yet or, call contiki directly, they’d have to know!

  • 16 Sep 2008 SthOzLad said


    No worries, thanks Pinal Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 16 Sep 2008 TimmyK said


    How early are you planning on going SthOzLad?

    Im keen to get on UE I reckon around may/june

  • 16 Sep 2008 SthOzLad said


    Hey TimmyK, Im hoping to go for the ANZAC Day in Galipoli trip which is starts around the end of March. Hopefully they still run those tours in 2010. You thinking of going in May/June of ’09 or ’10 ?

  • 16 Sep 2008 TimmyK said


    2010, hadn’t really thought about being in gallipoli on the 25th, but that would be cool I guess. just gotta wait and see, conflicting time of year as i usually compete in Targa Tas about then.

  • 17 Sep 2008 cdm115 said


    I believe for 2009 tours you or a travel agent can call to get pre-booked on a tour. once the tour dates come out you can first choice. If you have an old brochure check the days of the week that tours leave, they’ll probably be the same for next year, just the date off by a day.

  • 18 Sep 2008 SthOzLad said


    Thanks cdm115, i never knew that, i’ll definitely look into it. Thanks Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 22 Sep 2008 Jazzistbl said


    Hey guys i am looking at doing the Winter European Vista in Nov 2009

  • 23 Sep 2008 Jodes =) said


    How exciting! I’m planning the Ultimate trip in March 2010 purely for the Gallipoli/ANZAC day experience. My NZ Contiki tour manager couldn’t speak highly enough of it!!

  • 3 Oct 2008 Traveller said


    Does anyone know the actual date in October that the new brochures come out?

  • 4 Oct 2008 vlado said


    I called contiki the other day and they said that dates and brouchers wil be coming out yesterday 3/10/08 but they still not there so i donno whats going on

  • 4 Oct 2008 Traveller said


    How strange. I hope they come out soon

  • 4 Oct 2008 APJ said


    My travel agent rung them on Friday and said they will be released on the 13th of this month.

  • 8 Oct 2008 said


    anyone know when they will be releasing the Brochure for Europe in Canada? Im thinking about doing a Russia trip next summer and would like to book in advance, also would anyone know if the tours will be the exact same? or do they change? any new ones? thanks in advance!

  • 9 Oct 2008 TimmyK said


    I just requested one on the contiki website and it arrived in about a week with dates and prices for 2009

  • 9 Oct 2008 Ness said


    I thought so too when i got a brochure a month or two ago with 08/09 dates. But it only has 08 dates in it.. very disapointing

  • 13 Oct 2008 Traveller said


    Hey everyone.

    You can get your travel agent to to contact contiki and find out the dates and rates for 09/08. I found out my dates today by doing this

  • 13 Oct 2008 APJ said


    Yes I can confirm Traveller as well.

    As of Wedensday you can officially book them so I gather thats when they will be released.

    Im just struggling finding a suitable flight from Sydney- Japan- London. JAL costs a mini fortune like 1700 plus 2000 taxes :O

    Contiki also said they dont have gaurenteed dates anymore but “prefered” dates.

  • 13 Oct 2008 Brindabella said


    Yeah I noticed that they no longer have ‘guarenteed departure’ written on certain dates. I thought maybe preferred meant the same thing to Contiki but now I’m starting to wonder. Do they ‘prefer’ you to book this date, therefore ensuring that lots of people are bookd for that tour which will guarentee it goes ahead?

    It sounds a little dodge to me, and I was much more reassured when it used to say Guarenteed departure on last years brochures Confused<!--graemlin::confused:-->

  • 13 Oct 2008 APJ said


    Yeah I know it seems dodgey about the “Preferred Tours”. But I would say it’s easy to just say preferred then guarentee. Most people will first book the preferred tours anyways.

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