Is a tours departure date the day you fly out?

26 Dec 2011 Explorer1338460 asked


Hey all, just wondering about this.
I'm looking at booknig one of the North America tours. When im booking my flights, should i leave on the departure date?
For example if the departure date is June 3 2012, do i book my flight for june 3, or do i want to land on june 3?

Thanks :)

  • 27 Dec 2011 Kaycee said


    Normally the tour leaves from the meeting place early on the morning of the departure date and there is a group meeting the night before to talk. So I would say get there earlier or you will have to catch up on your own :)

  • 23 Aug 2012 Explorer1084121 said


    Ideally You want to get there the day before the tour starts.Starting on the same day only really applies to New Zealand and Vietnam out of Contiki Ones I have done.This isn’t Insight where they have an introductory dinner and drink evening on the first night at the first major place we all get to.



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