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How much money should I bring for 12 days in Italy

28 Dec 2011 Explorer1242737 asked


I don't know how much money to bring for food, shopping money, and entrance fees. This is not including optional activities. I was thinking around $1000.00 canadian, but I get confused when converting it to euro and reading past travellers advice.

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  • 7 Jan 2012 NurseKara said


    It all depends on how much shopping you want to do and what meals are included om your tour. To be safe I would budget 100 euro’s a day so depending on the exchange rate around $1500 canadian.You are better to come home with money then to miss out on doing something because you didn’t have enough money. That is my plan anyway when I am in Europe for 2 months.

  • 9 Jan 2012 interface2x said


    I went on Simply Italy last March and I can tell you how much I spent while I was there. First, though, you have to keep in mind the following things about me: I don’t drink, I didn’t really buy souvenirs, I pre-booked tickets to some of the sites (Uffizi, Accademia, etc.) and more often than not, I prefer to grab lunch on the run from a street vendor than to sit down and relax for two hours.

    Okay, after getting that out of the way, I spent just a hint over $1,000 American on the entire trip. Of that, $250 was spent at the winery in Chianti on gifts. I’d say that normal people who drink, buy souvenirs, have big lunches sometimes, and are buying tickets on the fly can multiply my figure by 1.5 or 1.75. So I’d say somewhere in between $1,500 and $1,750 Canadian just to be safe.

    Also, I would recommend maybe getting a debit card with the funds loaded on it as it’s cheaper to use ATMs than to use currency exchange places. If you want to convert $1,500, plan to hand over almost $150 of that for the privilege. Using ATM’s and my credit cards while there, I paid international transaction fees of just over 4%.

  • 11 Feb 2012 Explorer1334491 said


    Hi, this is a question for interface2x. Can you please give a list for the places where you pre-booked tickets?
    How did you know where you should pre-book tickets to??


  • 11 Feb 2012 ExplorerJeff said


    each persons spending is diffenert but about $100.00 Euros a day should cover your cost.

  • 26 Feb 2012 interface2x said


    Sorry for the late reply – I pre-booked tickets to the Colosseum underground (which I went to prior to my tour starting, though we ended up going back there on the tour at the end), plus the Uffizi and Accademia in Florence. Also, if you want to see the Last Supper, you HAVE to pre-book. Pre-booked tickets for that were something like $30US, but the tickets available day of were over $100US. I bought the Uffizi / Accademia tickets through Our tour manager DID pre-book some tickets to those while we were in Italy and offered those to others on the tour so it may not be necessary. But, if you really want to go, I’d book them ahead of time just in case.

    Like I said, the Colosseum is included in the tour and we got a nice guided tour. However, the tour I pre-booked was unbelievable. The one I pre-booked took us under the stage, into the hypogeum, and then allowed us on the top level – none of these areas are accessible in normal tours, including the one with Contiki. My tour started on Monday night, but I flew in at about 7:30 that morning so I booked the Colosseum for early that afternoon with another person from my tour. We ended up getting really lucky and were the only two on that tour, completely amazing. The two of us got a private guided tour of the Colosseum top to bottom, including areas that had no one else in sight. How often can you be alone in the Colosseum? You can book that through the Colosseum itself, but we bought our tickets through Check ahead, I know that due to weather, the underground was flooded for a good part of the winter so you’ll want to check ahead of time to make sure it’s open before you book if you want to see it.

  • 26 Feb 2012 interface2x said


    Oh, also, the way I figured out what to prebook was that I researched ahead of time the places I wanted to see in each city and cross-referenced that with what was included on the tour. The places that weren’t included, I looked around online at places like tripadvisor and asked around about crowds to figure out if they were necessary to pre-book or if I could walk up. Stuff I walked up on without too much wait: Florence Duomo overlook, Milan duomo roof lift, and Venice campanile.

  • 2 Apr 2012 Audrey_Travel_Fan said


    Thanks for the tips interface2x! I just want to know how did you book the last supper tickets? Through which website?

    And did you book any of the optionals offer by Contiki?


  • 3 Apr 2012 interface2x said


    I didn’t end up booking tickets for the Last Supper, but some on my tour did through this site:

    As for the optionals, here is how I broke out:

    1. Guided tour of Ancient Pompeii – did it, it was great. Everyone did it, I don’t know what you’d do if you didn’t.

    2. Bay of Naples Feast – didn’t do it, but I hear it was great.

    3. Cruise around Capri – didn’t do it because it’s an island tour that takes up more than half your day. A group of people I was with went in on a separate boat tour that was amazing. We negotiated that with a boat captain on our own.

    4. Tuscan Dinner – did it, wasn’t all that impressed. A friend did it on another tour and loved it, so take that for what it’s worth, I guess.

    5. Space Electronic Disco – I’m not a party guy and I don’t drink, so I decided to forego this. The people who went said it was fun.

    6. Lake Garda Boat Cruise – this was listed on our itinerary but then wasn’t part of our trip. Our tour manager was awesome, though, and negotiated it for people who wanted to go. I did, it was pretty cool.

    7. Venice Walking Tour – didn’t do it, kinda wish I had.

    8. Gondola Ride – did it, it was fun. Much easier than trying to negotiate your own ride, which can be very expensive.

    9. Venice Dinner – didn’t do it, don’t really regret it.

    10. Rome Imperial Tour – did it, it was great. This was a guided tour of both the Colosseum and the Forum, both of which were good.

    11. Farewell Dinner – did it. The dinner wasn’t great, but after two weeks with your group, you’ll want to go.

  • 6 Apr 2012 Audrey_Travel_Fan said


    Thanks interface2x! Love the review! I find your review of the optionals super useful! Thank you!

  • 18 Apr 2012 srmv3sis said


    @INTERFACE2 – What kind of pre-paid card did you use? I am leaving next Friday on the Italian Expresso and I’m researching pre-paid cards and they all seem to have negative reviews!!

  • 18 Apr 2012 srmv3sis said


    Oh, and where did you get it? I’m from NC so I don’t even know if we’d have the same places here.

  • 18 Apr 2012 interface2x said


    I actually didn’t use a pre-paid card, I just used my regular credit card. You might want to try a bank and see what their options are.

  • 4 May 2012 Audrey_Travel_Fan said


    Hi again interface2x! Regarding the Colosseum tour you booked through tickitaly, did you book the 3 hours one or the 90 minutes one?

    Thank you so much!

  • 14 Jun 2012 MikeFromCA said


    Hello Interface2x!
    Thank you for the wonderful information!! I am curious which tour you booked on for the colosseum that took you everywhere? I’ll be arriving in Italy on Sunday the 16th at 9:45am; so I was wanting to do a lengthy tour of the colosseum, and the one you mentioned sounds wonderful.

    Thanks in advance!
    ~Mike. :o)

  • 19 Jun 2012 interface2x said


    I took this one:

    Guided tour of Colosseum, exclusive areas, roughly 70 minutes:

    We offer this tour as an alternative for when our own 3 hour tours are exhausted. It lasts approximately 70 minutes and includes the Colosseum, the upper levels and the dungeon levels. It does not include a guided visit to the Forum and Palatine Hill area – your voucher will cover entrance to those areas, just that you need to visit by yourself.

    I flew in around 7:30 in the morning and booked it for 1:30, I believe. It was plenty of time to get situated, grab some lunch at a pizza joint just down the street (by the old gladiator barracks), and walk in on time. The 70 minutes they talk about is the length of the guided portion of the Colosseum and is definitely enough to see everything. After they’re done guiding you, they just leave you, so you’re also free to just wander around the publicly available areas (i.e. not underground, not upper level) for as long as you want to.

    Have fun, I’m jealous of you guys. I would LOVE to go back.

  • 19 Jun 2012 MikeFromCA said


    Thanks interface!! :o)

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