Anyone from Euro Magic 9/16-26 getting there early?

11 Sep 2006 tarheeljess asked

Hi all.<BR><BR>I'm so excited to be going on this tour. I'll be on the European Magic tour from 9/16-9/26 (I think the tour "technically" starts on the 17th). This trip was a gift for me, and as part of the gift, I am getting a few extra days in London. I will be arriving the morning of the 14th. I wanted to see if anyone else was arriving early and wanted to meet up to see London. When the tour ends in Paris, I'm taking the shuttle back to London (anyone else?) and I don't actually fly out until the 28th, so I have some extra time on the other end as well if anyone else is staying longer. Let me know when you all are arriving and if you would like to meet up to see a show or get to know each other.<BR><BR>Jessica from North Carolina



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