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Has anyone done the New York New Year tour?

8 Jan 2012 Fishbowl asked


Hi All,

We're going to be in NYC for New Year's Eve 2012/2013 and my girlfriend and I are wondering if anyone has done the above mentioned tour.

We'll either do the tour or organize something on our own, but would really like to be in Times Square or in view of the ball dropping.

Advice and comments are welcome.


Brad & Ash

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  • 29 Feb 2012 KirrynA said


    Hey Fleur! We’re staying at the Holiday Inn in Soho. It looks really nice and I love Soho so I’m very excited. Our travel agent told us we were staying in Brooklyn, thats the only reason we know. Apparently flights come out 10 months ahead of time or something like that! I tried searching some on Webjet the other day and it came to $4000 haha, definitely glad I’m leaving it to my travel agent to sort out. She said it should be $2000-2500. Which I’m perfectly happy with!

    Hanmontana, thats awesome! $1900 is so damn cheap. I hope we can get a similar deal.

  • 29 Feb 2012 Fleur said


    Oh okay! I didn’t go through a travel agent, I just booked online, so I wasn’t sure. I’m not worried though; the hotel isn’t where I’m planning to spend most of my time anyway! ;)
    Oh wow! I keep seeing deals through STA and places like that every now and then for flights, so I’m likewise hoping I can get a similar deal as Hanmontana! $1900 would be great. Might have to actually go talk to a few people, rather than trying to do it all online, so that I can get the best deal.
    How much would you normally expect to pay for travel insurance? I’ve never had to get travel insurance before, so I just don’t want to accidentally rip myself off or something! lol.

  • 29 Feb 2012 KirrynA said


    We paid about $150 for travel insurance to cover us for our 3 weeks away last time. This was just through the Travel Agent who took care of it for us. For flights we’re actually booking with STA, because they seem to have such great deals! I was all for doing it myself this time around, but I kind of love someone taking care of it all because I’m sure I would just confuse myself hahaha.

  • 29 Feb 2012 Fleur said


    Oh sweet, that’s not too bad! :) Haha I just get paranoid that I’ll book something and then immediately find the same thing for a cheaper price somewhere else. I’ll just do a lot of research, but STA has deals on flights to America all the time! I think like a month ago they did return flights to NYC from $1125 or something ridiculous like that. Just gotta keep an eye out! ;)

  • 29 Feb 2012 Kate said


    The closer to Xmas/NYE you book the more expensive flights are, I’ve booked mine with air new Zealand – Melbourne to Honolulu R/T then getting an internal flight as its a lot cheaper then return to NYC and I’m also hitting up Canada for Xmas with a close friend before heading to NYC for this amazing tour!! Unfortunately they don’t tend to have super cheap flights at that time of year only cause its peak season for the airlines and the longer you leave it the more expensive they will get…. Hope that helps a little!

  • 4 Mar 2012 Fleur said


    Thanks, Kate, that does help! I figured the price would go up at the end of the year, I was just hoping there might still be some cheaper flights. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for a good deal :)

  • 20 Mar 2012 krystals said


    I just booked this tour :D! Im travelling by myself and im excited and nervous all in one!

  • 20 Mar 2012 Emily__ said


    Join our facebook group!!/groups/354643864557053/

  • 27 Apr 2012 Meelya said


    Hi I have just booked this NY New Years… I got in on the 3rd tour… from the sounds of things I just made it because you all booked in like Jan & Feb! Am travelling solo, first time in USA, have done Europe last year. Can’t wait to check out the states, will be there for around 3 weeks before New Years, seeing the west and south with another contiki tour first… Miss Tammi – I’m keen on that NY Knicks game!!

  • 10 May 2012 Stephanie said


    Hey guys!
    I’m looking at booking this tour also! I will be travelling solo and am staying around in NY for 9 days after the tour and then doing the Grand Southern on the 11th. This will be my first time in NY so it would be great to meet up after the tour to explore more of the city, and im keen on a NY Knicks game too :)

  • 25 May 2012 philipj said


    New York is a beautiful place to visit i had also visited there for spending my holidays & it is the most beautiful place i have ever seen.The place i like there the most is Statue of Liberty.
    us green card

  • 28 May 2012 Kim said


    Me and a friend have booked this tour and coming all the way from NZ. Super excited!!

  • 28 May 2012 Kim said


    Me and a friend have booked this tour and coming all the way from NZ. Super excited!!

  • 5 Jun 2012 Cass said


    Hi Guys, I’m Cass and from Melbourne!… I’m also considering this tour and travelling by myself! I will have to be pretty quick though so hopefully will have it booked in the next few days! If anyone is interested in sharing a room with me in NYC for a few days let me know.. I’ll prob be booking at the Pod Hotel till about the 8th of Jan!

    If you are looking at a reasonable airline to fly with Southwest are pretty good! My friend lives in the USA and always travels with them! They now have flights up until the 4th of Jan and the flights from LAX to NYC are pretty cheap and include 2 bags…

    Also pretty keen to do Niagara Falls and a Yankees game!

    So excited.. what’s everyone going to be doing after NYC?? I’m going to be going on a Trek America Tour which will be heading across country to LA..

  • 7 Jun 2012 KrisAU said


    Hi All. booked on this tour as well as the grand southern after this one finishes up. Im in NYC from the 28th Dec till 11th Jan. So will be hitting up a few ice hockey games, a NY Jets game and a Knicks game at this stage with some mates from NYC. I did this tour last time I was in NYC (loved it) so I figured it was a good way to do New Years this time. Talk soon!

  • 8 Jun 2012 Sean_Smith said


    So glad I found this post!

    I’m travelling by myself as well from Brisbane Australia, first time and very keen on the New Years trip. So glad to see that other solo travellers are doing it aswell. I assume that I’ll be in the Brooklyn Sheraton so I’ll probably stay in there the night before and then after the tour, I’m going to stay at the The Pod until 8 January before heading up to Seattle. It’d be great to get to know everyone so us solo travellers arent all alone!

  • 8 Jun 2012 Cass said


    Hey guys! I’m officially all booked in! Yay I’m staying at the Marriott in Brooklyn though so I won’t be with some of you… I assume we will all be together for NYE anyway!. After the trip I’ve actually booked the Grand Southern leaving on the 11th of Jan instead of a Trek America tour! Super excited.. can’t wait to meet you all!

  • 14 Jun 2012 Jodie23 said


    Hi Guys
    My friend and I are also booked on this tour. We are staying at The Hotel Beacon which in Manhattan, I havnt had a good read of all the posts in this forum as yet so not sure where everyone else is staying.
    Look forward to meeting you all!

  • 14 Jun 2012 neilbell37 said


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  • 10 Jul 2012 caitlin_haynes92 said


    Hi everyone, My boyfriend and I have booked in to do the new york new years 12/13 tour :) very excited! does anyone know the hotel we will be staying at? We are booked in to stay at ymca hostel for 10 days before contiki. :)

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