Peru Uncovered October 20, 2012

9 Jan 2012 WorldTraveller asked


Anyone attending??

  • 15 May 2013 Maryam said


    For those who went on this trip last year, do you have any tips on the places you went to. How easy were the hotel transfers? the food? How was the weather in October? Did you need bug spray? What did you love about the tour and what did you not like? I have booked my trip for October 4 2013. Any information is appreciated.

  • 15 May 2013 Yorkshire_Traveller said


    I arrived a day earlier so i had time to rest up i arranged a transfer with with Greyline which i thought was safest option travelling on my own. A few of us met up in the reception and i think two groups headed out before the tour started.

    You will love the trip it’s been one of my best trips ever. The food is awesome and the people are great i don’t think there was one thing i didn’t like, i would of probably of avoided the mountain biking as i had an accident and broke my hand before heading to the jungle. You will only need the bug spray for the jungle, you dont get mosquito at the higher altitudes. Temperatures are reasonable its warm during the day and cold at night. I took a big heavy coat with me which i regretted, just a light jacket or waterproof will suffice. The Amazon hot and humid :)

    Oh highlight had to be Champagne in Machu Picchu !!

  • 15 May 2013 Maryam said


    Thank you the quick reply and all the great tips. Hope your hand has healed.

    Looking forward to my trip and especially champange in Machu Pichu :)



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