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What bag/s should i take as day bags?

11 Jan 2012 georgina22 asked


Hi, just a question for anyone who has been on a tour before, particularly in Europe.
What is the best sort of bag to take as a day bag? Does everyone take backpacks, shoulder bags or something else?
And also is it essential to take one of those neck pouches or money belts to hide under your clothes with important stuff in it? I've heard many horror stories about people having money and travel cards stolen, yet some people say you don't need to worry aslong as you've got everything packed away in your day bag.
Any comments will be greatly apprecaited :)

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  • 11 Jan 2012 Gurinder said


    I have yet to go on a contiki but from personal experience in travelling in countries that have high rates of theft is to always without fail keep your identification on your person in an under the shirt pouch or money belt, remember money belts aren’t just for money, I usually use those for my travel documents such as a passport and emergency numbers if you have insurance and I usually pack an emergency phone card just incase I end up in one of those situations where I’m either lost, stranded, or separated from my group and without a phone handy to call for any help, on that note I would also recommend getting any phone numbers from your tour mates and have those with you just incase. I personally can’t answer the question regarding the day bags but with money belts I would have it with me for the above mentioned reasons.

  • 22 Jan 2012 Rhys said


    I tend to use a backpack/camera bag for my day bag. But I have some extra lenses and stuff I carry around with me all the time so that works well for me. Just make sure what ever you take you make sure its comfortable and you can secure it so your stuff cant get lost or stolen.

    If you have any other questions just let me know… or check out my website

  • 6 Feb 2012 Lance_A said


    I have a duffel bag that is approx 2′×1′×1′. Is it to large to bring on the bus? I’m not sure what “day bag” is referring to. Are we expected to take this bag off of the bus and carry it around? Or can we just safely leave it on board. I’m prepared to bring a backpack of that is the case.

  • 6 Feb 2012 Rhys said


    That sounds too big. A day bag is just a conventional backpack, same size you would have used for school back in the day. Contiki don’t recommend that you leave your bag on the bus, Contiki busses are big targets for adventurous thieves so they recommend you take it with you, unless the driver is going to stay with the bus the whole time (ie lunch breaks and some scheduled stops.) But your tour manager will tell you whats a good idea and whats not.

  • 6 Feb 2012 Explorer~1987 said


    I went to Europe in September and whilist out shopping / site seeing i used a hand bag. You do need to be careful though as there are pick pocketers everywhere! If you take a back pack make sure you have it padlocked so no one can get to it without you knowing. Not one person on my tour used money belts

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