is contiki good for honeymoon?

1 Jul 2007 bel_003 asked

hi there everyone, my fiancee and i are interested in going on a contiki for our honeymoon but have had a couple of ppl wit negative feedback bout couples travelling via contiki. they have said its more of a single thing to do and not recommended for couples. was wondering if anyone out there could let me no wat its like etc we are looking at going in june/july next year. still havent decided on which tour cant decide lol. thanks for your time<BR>bel
  • 1 Jul 2007 LorneB said


    The last tour I did there were 7 or 8 couples on it. 2 of them were on there honeymoon, all of them had a blast. Which tour were you doing?

  • 2 Jul 2007 bel_003 said


    thanks for your reply….we want to go on a tour to Europe around the 20-25 day make but havent decide which n yet. didnt no weather or not we would be sick of travelling on the bus for that long and if maybe we should do a 15-20 still havent really decided yet. did u get sick of the bus? or if it something u just get use too? Confused<!--graemlin::confused:-->

  • 2 Jul 2007 bel_003 said


    yea i thought that but we been living together for 5 years…. so its more like a big hoilday then a honeymoon. Wink<!--graemlin:;)--> thanx

  • 2 Jul 2007 cdm115 said


    I personally wouldn’t want to do a Contiki as a honeymoon, mostly because it’s so intense and there isn’t much downtime.

    I’ve toured with plenty of couples and they generally seemed to have a lot of fun on tour. Since it’s a honeymoon I would definitely recommend a hotel tour, on the budget tours you usually share a room with another couple.

  • 2 Jul 2007 LorneB said


    Did you say share a room with another couple? I did not know Contiki had a swingers tour. I had never heard of that before. Anyways me personally I would get sick of the bus if I were on a long tour like the one you are thinking about. I would also get pretty sick of my wife as well. Alot of people do it so I get it is not that bad.

  • 3 Jul 2007 bel_003 said


    a hotel tour? havent heard of that where do i look into that?

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