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Ultimate European - Advice?

12 Jan 2012 Jasmine247 asked



I'm doing the Ultimate European & Egypt on the 19th of August this year and I would love to get some advice from people who've already done the tour - what you enjoyed, what you didn't, what sights you saw and whether they were worth it, what you packed etc etc.

Would also love to hear from people who're going on an Ultimate European this year, whether it be the Greek Islands option of Egypt.



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  • 31 Jan 2012 Explorer1351504 said


    Nicky that’s so exciting were Going at the same time:) yes I do speak Dutch that’s awesome do you still speak it? I think I’m spending one night before but maybe two would be better now that I think of it. What did you do with your visa since your Dutch and all lol… You might be able to answer that lol… I’m a little nervous cause I’m going alone lol are you goof alone? But at the same time I’m so excited and now that I age. Met someone on he same tour makes me even more excites) jasmine we will have to update you :) where is everyone from?

  • 31 Jan 2012 Nicky said


    I still live in Holland, so I speak Dutch. I only need a visa for Turkey and Egypt, but I can buy these at the border. I have no idea if you need other visa, because you’re from Canada now. It will be the first time I travel alone.
    Jasmine off course we’ll keep you updated

  • 31 Jan 2012 Explorer1351504 said


    Your kidding right lol…. After this tour I’m staying in holland for an extra week so cool:) so your just buying it there eh… Well I’m still Dutch I’m just a Canadian citizen… I’ll figure it out lol:) I did travel alone once but it wasn’t very far and went to visit a friend… But this my first time super alone:) well I look very forward to meeting you :)

  • 1 Feb 2012 Kathryn_Kooky18 said


    Jasmine247: I’m looking foreward to Egypt more than anything. I’ve had a lifelong dream of going to Egypt!!!

  • 1 Feb 2012 Kathryn_Kooky18 said


    TayB: Is london really really expensive to stay in???

  • 1 Feb 2012 Jasmine247 said


    So what’s everyone looking forward to & not looking forward to most?

  • 1 Feb 2012 Explorer1351504 said


    I’m looking forward to everything…. I always wanted to see Europe and the world and I though eqypt would be really neat to see:) my parents have been like all over Europe and my mom was lookin at the tour and she was saying lots of positive things that where were GUI there are ao many amazon things to see…. Is warning me about the little pick pockets boys lol….:)that’s what mothers do… What about you what you want to see

  • 1 Feb 2012 Nicky said


    I’ve already been to Paris and Rome, but I’m looking forward to go again. And I would loved to see Amsterdam as a toerist, because I only go there when I need new clothes xD And I want to see the whole world, so I think this trip is a very good start :)

  • 1 Feb 2012 Explorer1351504 said


    Yes I also want to see the world and I believe this is a very good way to start:)
    I’m supper stoked

  • 1 Feb 2012 Pete said


    Hi guys,
    Pete from Sydney. We’re beta testing an online postcard site so you can send your postcards straight to facebook or email. yay, no more stamps. There’s postcards from the places you’re going so please check it out and let me know of any problems.
    Thanks guys.
    Safe travels!

  • 2 Feb 2012 Jasmine247 said


    Thanks Pete will check it out!

    I’m looking forward to Egypt the most – it was one of the main reasons why I chose the ultimate. Can’t wait to go to Anzac Cove in Turkey. This will be my first time in Europe, I can’t wait. I’ve been to Thailand, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Fiji and i’m looking forward to adding more countries to my list!

    How goes everyone’s spending money saving? How much are people taking?

  • 2 Feb 2012 TalissaB said


    hey kathryn,

    it all depends on the type of accomodation your getting. Im staying in hostels which are costing me around $15 AUD a night, but hotels will obviously be more, ivbe seen them as high as $75 AUD to $300 AUD. it all depends :)

  • 10 Feb 2012 kristy said


    hi guys i did this tour in july 2011 last year and it was AMAZING!!! wish i was back on tour wiv my peeps.
    ok so heres what i thought.
    Paris= loved it but you have to prioritise what you want to see. you have one full day there so try do things that are close together.. eg we walked from the Arc de Triomphe down the Champ de Elysee to the Louvre. i spent 4 hrs in the Louvre and that was rushing it.
    contiki will take you to the Effile Tower so i wouldnt worry about going to see it by yourself because theres so much to do inbetween. the novelle eve is ok but worth doing. but if you ever get the chance to go back to paris DO THE MOULIN ROUGE!! its 10 x better!

    Barcelona= amazing! my favoutite place was the Segrada Familiar. try go in the actual place because its soo diferent from any other cathederal and the line may look long but when i was there it was all the way round to the front and took less than half an hour so do it!. people that are going to egypt if you have time try shop a little for long clothes girls eg skirts and tops if you dont alredy have anything.. there isnt much places to get long clothes later on..

    Monaco= have a gamble at Monte Carlo Casino and try a cocktail but dont stay in there too long. you wont have long in the cuty so be quick inside and then go outside and look at all the cars! i was one of 3 that went outside and got photos and most people wished they did.

    French riviera= the contiki chateau is so much fun as well. they have their own nightclub caled the cave where my group did the pants off dance off :) we also had a ABC party which is anything but clothes lol.
    oh and girls if Evan is still working there he is sooo dreamy :D

    Italy= by this time the contiki cough will have started so take lots of soothers and codral if your from australia. Rome, Venice, Florence are all great. try the local fruit because they are soo juicy! and again try fit everything in. there are mossies around italy so bring repellant. or just play ‘kill’ where you drink every time you kill a bug. heaps fun

    Pompeii= boring to me but you will do it. it was 40+ degrees for us so we didnt really take interest in anything but shade. bring lots of suncream

    Greece= Corfu is a beautiful place. only problem is greece runs on ISH time which means say a bus comes at 10am it really means 10am ISH.. like we found out that could mean 11.45am to them so be prepaird to wait.. GO ON GEORGES BOAT!!!!!!!!!!! this is a must. it was my favourite and everyone elses on tour.. he is a sleezy old greek guy but god is he funny. he makes anything he says sexual and the whole day is filled with swimming water sports and fun!! and if he offers a shoulder massage the get one. it was the best one ive had.. and you get to drive the boat while he dose it :P
    Atherns was a dirty place and you may be disapointed in it. theres lots of scafolding around the acroppolys but most things in europe hav scafolding which you get use to but it ruins hte fotos :(
    be carefull in atherns because its quite dangerous there. one of our members got robbed and bashed up so stay in groups (mind you he went off late to find a salsa club by himself and went alone)

    Egypt!= my Favourite country!!! this place is just jaw droping. i warn you if you havnt been to bali or any asian country where they pester you then just realise thats their culture. i was fine but it got to some people and you just have to ignor them and keep walking. watch out for your stuff and girls cover up out of respect. plus its so dam hott you want too. it was 50+ degrees here. but the most amazing time seeing the pyramids, riding camels, the egyptiam museum, the nile river, nubian village, abu simbal (my fav), temples and more. if your deciding on going then do it. it really feels like a movie.
    take hand sanatiser and tissues for toilet paper as they run out offten.

    Turkey= another of my fav places. tyr sheesha there and fishbowels. get lost in the bazarr and have a turkish bath.! such a different expireince. make sure you buy apple tea and turkish delight its the best there is! you get 3 full days here so its good to recover as well. you get a stamp at the border

    Serbia/ Belgrade= felt like it was just stops to get to other countrys. only got like an hour in the city. nothing much to see tho

    Troy/ Galipoli= ANZAC= bring tissues! its a tear jerker place if your aussie or kiwi!

    Budapest= the paris of the east! amazing city and even better night life! try goulash soup and caviar on the river cruise. try the club RIO on the river.. we had the best time till the sun came up and then got back and cought the bus to the next stop :)

    Austria= Vienna wasnt much time there, Tyrol was beautiful! my favoutite country Austria with egypt!
    this is where you do white water raftim, paraglyding, bike riding, zorbing and extreme sports.. i found it better than swizerland for scenery. was verry green and lush.
    the crystal museum was like the guy that made it was on Acid or a trip on drugs.. some of the things you thing WTF!! but verry cool and the shop at the end is to die for.
    the concerntration camp was sad and depressing. i dint go so i could stay with a friend who didnt want to go in but i wished i went.

    Switzerland= was expensive. like australian prices but more! go up the top of the mountain for the day and stay in the snow.. its really cold up there so take gloves and scarves, beenies aswell. you can snowboard, ski, tube, flying fox, teboggin ALL day for 40euros and its heaps fun and worth it.

    Amsterdam= from wat i remember lol space cakes are weak depending on where you get them from. weed is easy to get and try truffels if you want to trip out :) it was like a 3d movie and so funny. but thats if they still sell drugs this year to tourists. because they want to join the EU so they have to clean up their act.
    the sex show is funny and going past the red light is funny if your a girl. you tell the boys whos hot and whos not lol but they dont really care anyways.

    well thats all the things i can think of country wise.. hope it gives you and idea..

    oh and if you have time read Canadian Daves ultimate european Travelogue!! its soo funny and helpful and gives you a bit more of a feel for the tour.. its like a story

  • 10 Feb 2012 kristy said


    oh and paking list for girls i took with me…
    one wedges for going out (heels arnt good in cobble streets)
    one pair of thongs (you live in them)
    one pair of nice flat shoes
    (i needed to borrow waling shoes for the mountain in switzerland coz of the snow)

    12 pairs of undies (i used most befor we had the chance to wash)
    4bras – 1 strapless 1 pushup and 2 plain that goes with evrything
    3 socks (for when i had boots but i chuked them befor my tour)
    3 shorts
    1 pair of jeans
    6 dresses – 4 day 2 going out night ones but all could be day or night (im a dress girl)
    10 tops including singlets
    2 pairs of bathers
    1 hair towel and 1 quickdry towel which you need
    power adaptors plus a 4 plug power board which comes in handy
    travel hairdryer
    my ghd which worked every where
    a handbag during the day
    a small clutch for night
    jewelry for dressing outfits up
    1 light cardigan
    i jacket thats was warm but rolled up easy

    panadol /codral /berocca /strepsils
    lots of suncream / insect repelant
    tissues (didnt need hand sanatiser)
    washing line that i didnt use / travel washing liquid for clothes that i used 2x (i have a thing about handwashing that i still have to machine wash)
    if i think of anything else il post it again

  • 11 Feb 2012 Jasmine247 said


    Thanks so much for this Kristy! Very helpful info!

  • 12 Feb 2012 Explorer1351504 said


    Thanks so much for the info Kristy… I truly appreciate…
    i may have some more questions when it gets closer to my departure… haha i do have one thats on my mind… did you get visa’s at the border? the lady i talked to from contiki said everyone gets them at the border… than i read some contiki advice and they recommend you getting them before… any suggestions on that…. I’m extremely excited:) but want to ensure i can get in the country lol

  • 14 Feb 2012 Jasmine247 said


    I’d like to know that as well!

    Also, Kristy – was there anything that you wished you had or hadn’t taken? Thanks.

  • 16 Feb 2012 HarryWells said


    I would like to explore Europe by a road trip as well as a train trip but my favorite destination would be Switzerland.

  • 16 Feb 2012 kristy said


    you can get ALL visas on the border. you still have to get out of the bus and wait in line if you have a visa or not.. the price varies from country to country.. you wil get a stamp on the way to paris and then if your going to egypt you can get a visa at the airport.. but most of the borders are at the end of your tour eg the eastern countrys.. its funny canadians paid more than the aussies for soe visas but the new zealenders didnt pay at all lol… i made my paking list from the realllyyy long post on ‘what youd wish you knew’ and it was helpful

    *i didnt need insect repelant much.. italy, turkey, greece and i think spain.. so take a small size
    *lots of panadol, advil ect.. iff you dont use them others will ask you for some..
    *hand sanatiser.. some people lived off it but me i never did. unless you use it at home or everynow and then dont bother.. it was only in places like egypt wich i did just in case..
    *clothes washing line.. the one that streches out was used maybe once. didnt need it
    *liquid clothes wash.. for the sink. i used it 2 x in 6 months and wouldnt take it agen
    *something that really worked was a spot pen that removes stains.. just a cheapy $2 one that worked a treat suprisingly
    *bandaids came in handy
    *track pants.. i wore them for a week wen i was with family off tour.. didnt need them for the rest of europe and to be honest no one wears them in public there and it looks funny if you do.

    i cant say there was really much i wished i didnt take.. and if i did i just threw it out on the way.
    now i went away for 6 months and my bag when i left home was 24kg eek. so dont take heavy bulky items and if you do put the heavy stuff in a carry on when they weigh your bag in the morning of departure.

  • 17 Feb 2012 Sam_123 said


    Thanks Kristy. Did they not weigh your carry-on bag?? Would you say your carry-on bag is a good place to conceal stuff if you think your main bag might be overweight?

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