LA and NY Hotels

7 Aug 2009 Jess Knight said

Jess Knight
Hey Guys,<BR>I was just reading the new brochures for the 2010 tours and it says in there that there is now a Contiki Hotel in Downtown LA (Kyoto Grand Hotel), as well as the Best Western Stovall's in Anaheim, and also that there are now 3 New York Hotels (Milford Plaza, Hotel Beacon, and Skyline Hotel). Im a little bit confused as to which hotel I should be booking at. Does anyone know what hotels most people stay at? And do they do pickups from all of the hotels? Any info anyone has would be great...
  • 10 Aug 2009 TarafromNS said


    Hi, I booked my trip today (eastern discovery) and they are saying that they don’t use the Beacon anymore and that we would be going from the Skyline – so I booked an additional night to check out the city.


  • 12 Aug 2009 skaifie said


    when we toured in LA we stayed at Best Western Stovall’s in Anaheim but that was due to the fact thats where the bus left from – the hotel is quite comfortable and close to disneyland



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