Mobile (Cell) Phone on tour

13 Jul 2010 Bne4170 said

Just putting it out there,

Is it a good idea/bad idea to bring a mobile phone with you,
I'm going on a 21 day tour + a week on my own..

if so .. any tips on sim cards etc.
thinking of bringing mine, on global roaming - mostly for texting loved ones etc..

any feedback would be great :-)
  • 13 Jul 2010 Bne4170 said


    ok cool Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    thank you

  • 14 Jul 2010 Aussie_jess said


    I have been advised by those who work for mobile phone companies not to take an Australian mobile number overseas as international roaming fees are going to cost way too much and for you to receive any calls it is going to cost you. Instead I have been told to take an unlocked mobile phone and get a sim card when you get there.

    There is a place in Brisbane that unlock mobile phones for much cheaper (cost depending on the make and model of your phone) then what your mobile provider will charge you for doing it. E & E Electronics – Shop 3, 81 Elizabeth St, Brisbane Tel: 30031148

    This is the information that I have found out, hope this helps.

  • 27 Aug 2010 Jamie-Lee said


    i tookmy phone over and i am with telstra w[repaid which was 65c a text and around $1 a min to recieve calls. it costs more for a plan. it would be best to either buy a phone over there or got yours unlocked (29euros to buy a cheap one) and then get one of the sim cards that will be for that country in italy my friend got one that was 0.19 euro to text and 0.22 to call which works out alot cheaper.
    then when you change countries it is still cheaper to use the europe sim then your other you just cant by credit for the sim in that country.
    they alsogive you credit for the costof the sim card

    hope this helps

  • 30 Aug 2010 Explorer1147179 said


    0.19 euro to text and .22 to call?

    I got a vodafone UK sim card and put it in my unlocked phone I brought with me from Australia. Throughout Europe it was 0.08 euro per text and 0.15 euro per call.

    I would advise Vodafone UK as the best option. In saying that though you could get a vodafone sim card in most countries and it would be just as cheap (see other thread on this topic). I would not advise using your Australian sim in Europe-no way.

  • 31 Aug 2010 Wez said


    I bought a prepaid sim in the UK, loaded it with a good amount of credit and used it for the tour. Inter European Union roaming is a whole lot cheaper that a non European sim roaming in Europe.

  • 11 Sep 2010 Karina said


    I used my own phone when i was there in May last year. I only SMS’d from it and they cost about 50cents each.

    To turn on international roaming costs nothing, which will allow your phone to work over there.

  • 14 Sep 2010 NaHdz said


    I always take my phone with me, mainly to text my mum every few days so she knows im alive haha I’m with Optus as well and yeah it’s only like 55c Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->



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