Greek Island Hopping - Extra time in Athens?

21 Feb 2008 Irene asked

Hi, for anyone who has been on this tour ...

Did you find that you had enough time in Athens? I read somewhere on this website that 1 day is enough to see all of Athens.

My travel agent suggested I book an extra hotel night in Athens after the tour because I would have to leave the hotel in the middle of the night (1am) to catch a 4am flight even though that hotel night is included in the tour. I'm thinking that even if I book another hotel night, I'd still have to leave at 4am that next day anyways ...

So I'm wondering if another day spent in Athens is worth the cost of a hotel ($189) or whether that would be a waste of money and I would have already spent enough time in Athens during the actual tour?

Thanks in advance.
  • 21 Feb 2008 Lori said


    I havent been on this tour, but I have found that it is nice to have an extra day at the end or in the beginning just to make sure you get to do everthing that you want.

    I am staying an extra day at the end, this way I wont repeat anything that is done during the tour.

  • 24 Feb 2008 Vstar423 said


    Hello! I am planning on doing the Greek Island Hopping trip in August 08, and I would absolutely recommend an extra day in Athens. One day is enough to see the major sites in Athens (Acropolis/Plaka)if you are rushing but there are so many other great places in Athens to see. If you want to really experience Athens you will need more than one day. Think of it this way, an extra $189, but when is the next time you will be back in Athens. I think its worth it Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> Athens has an awesome nightlife too..great bars/clubs that go til 7am…I loved it when I went last year!

  • 24 Feb 2008 Irene said


    Vstar, what do you recommend doing and seeing in Athens other than Acropolis and Plaka district?

    I heard that there’s not much of a nightlife in Athens but maybe that’s just in comparison with the Islands.

  • 24 Feb 2008 Vstar423 said


    If you go just outside of the City Centre you can find Glyfada and Pireas. Glyfada is right on the water, and has amazing (although a bit pricey) restaurants and nightclubs. A really great nightclub I went to was Acrotiri (AKPOTHPI is the greek spelling). This area has beaches as well, but you will have to pay to use beaches in Athens…and the Island beaches are way better.

    Also within Athens, check out Kolonaki( At the SYNTAGMA metro stop), which is a nice shopping area with loads of nice cafes….it is up a huge hill so wear comfy shoes. If you get off at the Monastiraki Metro, there are tons of great shops around the corner, lots of street vendors, as well as funky hidden bars and cafes across and up the street. There is a lot to do in Athens, but I would not doubt that the islands will be way more fun…I would say 2-3 days would be great in Athens…Check out the local cafes and restaurants for sure. If you go outside of the Plaka into less touristy areas the prices drop in half for the meals. You can get souvlaki for 2Euro! I find that the Plaka area is very busy and a lot of fun, but as far as food/drink goes, way more expensive than in other areas. Be aware beforehand that in bars and nightclubs, drinks are very expensive, I was paying 10 euro for a drink in a bar…and thought i was getting ripped off but realized that this was the price after visiting a few more. (Thanks to the Euro, a lot of prices have gone up since). If you drink, drink before hand to save money?? It is very cheap to buy alcohol on the street or in the grocery stores.

    I know that you will have a great time, Greece is so much fun and a very exciting and historical place. Enjoy your trip!

  • 24 Feb 2008 Irene said


    Thanks for the advice, Vstar! I’m sure we’ll both have a great time on our tours.

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