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4 Jul 2007 Steph said

Hey, IM staying in London for 6 weeks after my contiki by myself. Does anyone ahve any tips on what i should do about staying somewhere as Ill be really poor! Any advice on where to avoid, what to do?
  • 4 Jul 2007 ashleightara said


    6 weeks? Wow thats ages. Do you want to be exploring London the whole time? Or are you going to take overnight excursions other places?

    From what I’ve heard a lot of ppl stay at the Generator Hostel in London, its pretty cheap (could be as cheap as 10 pounds a night in winter)

    If you weren’t desperate to be in London the whole time, I’d investigate staying other places for short periods (more likely to be cheaper accomodation outside London). For example, take a few days and stay in Bath and visit the Stonehenge and the surrounding area.

  • 7 Jul 2007 NatalieAnne said


    Im staying in the UK almost 2 months after my tour and 2 weeks before. Lucky for me I have relo’s over there, but they live about 2 hours out of London so its a bit of a trek.
    I’ve been looking at different hostels in London and in the Winter you can pay as little as 9 pounds for a 12 bed doorm. I think this was the Hyde Park Inn.

  • 7 Jul 2007 Steph said


    Thank you both fo ryour help! Its helps heaps. Yeh I have some distant relatives in the UK too… But they live a couple of hours away to near Liverpool I think… I dont know what Im still gonna do.. Hopefully Ill find some temp work and somewhere cheap to stay

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