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European Whirl - 8 May 2012

27 Jan 2012 NatashaFox7 asked


Anyone going on this tour? It was just confirmed as a definite departure date! I'm so excited and would love to meet some people who are going on the same trip!

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  • 11 Apr 2012 Jussie said


    The contiki documents I have said to bring a sleeping bag so maybe pack one or double check? I’ve packed one but I’m staying on to live and travel around the UK so need it anyway.

  • 11 Apr 2012 emilyjaneee said


    Pretty sure we’ve figured out that travellers from US/Canada have sleeping bags included in their tour fee whilst us Aussie’s and any other travellers have to get our own, BUT it’s not included in our weight and doesn’t need to fit inside our luggage :)

  • 11 Apr 2012 Stephanie said


    Hey everyone,
    It’s so great seeing all the excitement floating around this page, I can’t wait to meet you all. Getting all together before the tour starts sounds like a plan. I see many of you are arriving before or staying longer after the tour to explore more of Europe which is awesome, take loads of pictures for me :D. Last week I received my contiki travel wallet with the all of the itinerary, optional activities and other info. Is anyone looking forward to doing any of the optionals?

  • 11 Apr 2012 Justine said


    Hey guys we’re booked at the contiki hotel for the 2 nights before the tour as well – would be awesome to all go out for drinks. We’re staying there the night after the tour ends as well.

  • 13 Apr 2012 Jussie said


    The tour meeting is from 7pm at the Royal National Hotel on the 7th, so maybe we can go for drinks after that finishes? I’m 100% doing the paragliding in Austria, and I’m sure I will do a fair few other activities.

  • 13 Apr 2012 VicW said


    Sounds good, I’m happy to go for drinks after.
    I havent pre booked any of the activities I will probably just do them when we are there.

  • 13 Apr 2012 Jussie said


    Yeah I haven’t pre booked either. My travel agent said they will just book them for you when the tour starts.

  • 13 Apr 2012 NatashaFox7 said


    Hey ladies! I don’t fly into London until noon on the 7th, but am going to try to hit a couple sites before we have to meet up later. Anyone else getting into London around that time? I am definitely doing the paragliding and the white water rafting! I’m sure I’ll do quite a bit more as well. 23 days!!!!!

  • 13 Apr 2012 Aimee said


    Hey everyone! I got my travel documents today, I can’t believe it is only 3 weeks away!!! I’ve checked out some of the places we are staying in and most of them look good. It’s great to hear from everyone. I’ll be getting to London on the afternoon of 7th and I’m hoping to do some sightseeing before meeting everyone at 7pm in the Contiki Basement. I’m up for going for drinks after the meeting!

    I’m staying the day we get back aswell so it would be good if we could all go for a drink on our last day… if we have any energy left.

  • 17 Apr 2012 Mioso21 said


    I wasn’t planning on doing paragliding, but since a few of you said you were 100% down, I’ve been inspired to do it! Why not? Who knows when I’ll have another chance to do it! For all the optional tours I’m only booking once I’m there, through our Contiki tour guide, he/she will give us the best deal/option.

  • 25 Apr 2012 Kaymalla said


    Hey guys! Just catching up on everything happening on this forum and Im beyond pumped that theres only a week and a half left before we leave! When I talked to the lady that helped me book my trip she said to just pay the tour manager for all the extra options once you get there :)
    I kinda plan on doing everything listed haha.
    Cant wait to meet you all!

  • 25 Apr 2012 Jussie said


    So close! I’ve been in London a week and it’s amazing! Hope some of us can get together on the 7th for some more exploring!

  • 2 May 2012 Elly said


    Hey guys! Not long to go now. I’m so excited to get over there. I’m trying to work out what to do after the tour i have another contiki in Ireland on the 2nd of June and have some free time, maybe stay in paris for that time. Let me know if anyone is keen. Talk soon.

  • 5 May 2012 VicW said


    Not long to go now. I tried using that link on the letter that tells us where we meet the night before for dinner and drinks but it didn’t work for me so does anyone know the exact details for it all?

  • 5 May 2012 Tatums said


    I’m pretty sure were all going out after the 7PM meeting. Are you in London already?

  • 5 May 2012 VicW said


    Im in Leeds at the moment. I get into London about 5.30ish on the day before the tour.

  • 6 May 2012 Jussie said


    Hi everyone! I’ve been in the UK for over 2 weeks now and am loving it! If anyone is free on Monday for some sight seeing, would be happy to join you as I actually havent done that much!

  • 6 May 2012 VicW said


    Hi Jussie. I get to the hotel about 5pm tomorrow I think because I am getting the bus/train back from Leeds. Im happy to hang out after i have checked in if you wanted to.

  • 6 May 2012 Jussie said


    Sounds good! I will be there from 2pm checkin.

  • 6 May 2012 NatashaFox7 said


    My flight gets in at 12pm and after I stop at the hotel, I’m taking a tour bus if anyone wants to join me!

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