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13 Jan 2007 *nikki_adelaide* said

Hi,<BR>i figure people travelling in june/july etc are starting to think about the clothes situation as i am so thought i'd create a thread for everyone to discuss/ask questions and keep it all in the one thread.<BR><BR>Can anyone give me some input on the below clothes. I'll be away for 5 and a half weeks and my tour goes for 4 weeks (25 days).<BR><BR>2 pairs jeans (1 for daytime, 1 for going out)<BR>1 pair brown pants (for going out, optionals)<BR>2 pairs 3/4 pants (1 black, 1 grey)<BR>1 or maybe 2 skirts<BR>1 dress<BR>6 'going out tops'<BR>14 (about) tank tops/singlets for day time<BR>2 jackets<BR><BR>Does this amount seem about right?
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  • 10 Apr 2007 nickersm said


    Ha ha this post is funny cause it’s all so true!!! I’m really having issues. I’m away for 4 months! Doing the Scandi/Russia tour which is camping, and it will also be very cold. Then the Euro Encounter which goes down to Rome at the height of summer! I’m a little stressed! Lol!

    Here’s what I think I’ll be taking:

    Light(ish) jacket for Norway
    2x light jumpers (sweaters)
    2x jeans, one comfy one going out
    1x track pants. Go the comfy trackies!
    (double as pj’s)
    2x shorts
    4/5x going out tops.
    4/5 day wear tops.
    2x cami’s for extra layers.. double up as outers for hot days
    2x pj’s
    1x togs
    Undies for a week

    I went on a cruise last year and took 5 different pairs of heels… AND NEVER WORE ANY OF THEM! Waste of space. This trip, it’s all about the flats.

    1x casual sneakers
    1x good walking sandals
    1x trusty black flat pointies
    1x stappy gold sandals
    2x thongs… of the flip flop variety. And how sad is this? This is how to spot an Aussie. I have one pair for the shower… AND A GOOD PAIR FOR GOING OUT!! He he he. Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

    So…. Now that everyone knows the contents of my suitcase…. How does that sound for 4 months?

  • 10 Apr 2007 nickersm said


    Ohhhh… And because I’m doing the camping tour I have to bring a sleeping bag, too… Frowner<!--graemlin::(-->

  • 11 Apr 2007 Pirate Tara said


    So here’s a question…how much is too much for 13 days in Europe (12 day Amsterdam to Barcelona tour with one pre-tour night in Amsterdam)? I’m worried about underpacking because that’s what I did the last time I went to Europe, but the last vacation I went on was a cruise and I totally overpacked. Suggestions?

  • 11 Apr 2007 nickersm said


    Although….. A toilet seat and toilet paper aren’t a bad idea… I am going to Russia, and I’ve seen some photos of the pitstops (literally) that we use along the way! Red Face<!--graemlin::o-->

    he he he… And the sleeping bag is tiny… Weighs less than a kilo. Maybe I can sell it after my Scandi tour?

    Anyone want to buy a sleeping bag? Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

  • 13 Apr 2007 *nikki_adelaide* said


    hehe im the same chell…but i figure everyone will be in same position…by the end of it everyone will be stinky and i think pretty chilled out!

  • 14 Apr 2007 Eden86 said


    a few of these lists seem a bit much, but then thats for someone like me who will prob go through the whole tour without washing pants…. hmmm

    Im going on a 25 day tour, then staying to live in the uk after and i have to pack my whole life into my backpack….. and its not fitting much!

    So far i’m taking

    2 pairs of jeans
    1 cardigan
    1 jumper
    1 pair of shorts
    1 little skirt
    about 5 tops for day
    2 day dresses
    1 top for night, dinners etc
    and one clubby dress

    oh and batehrs and underwear

    shoe wise im taking a couple of pairs of thongs, one pair of sneakers and skin coloured strappy heels that go with everything

    i think the key is to pack things that can be worn in more than one way eg that can be dressed up for night or down for day, things that go with lots of stuff not just good for one outfit, and things that you know you are comfy in and will definately wear. ive thought about packing all these tops i hardly wear at home just for something different buit i figure if you dont wear it at home youll prob just opt for wearing the gear that your comfy in…
    take neutral coloured bottoms and shoes so they go with everything, same goes for a jacket

    On the question of going out at night, what do people tend to wear? i know theres some nights you go from dinner to a club etc, but i think what i’d wear to a club isnt appropriate for a nice dinner…. best bet something like jeans, heels and a nice top? is it then even worth taking things youd only wear to a club on the tour?

  • 18 Apr 2007 princess19 said


    im a habitual overpacker ( i went on a 5 day cruise and brought 3 suitcases.. yea didnt wear even a 3rd of it) and im goin on the 21 day Russia/ Scandi tour. If anyone wants to make my packing list for me that would be great =) ( especially someone who has been on the tour b4… cuz i have no clue how cold its REALLY gonna be.. if you know what i mean…)

  • 25 Apr 2007 Bree 24aus said


    Bree’s list

    - 1 jeans
    - 2-3 shorts
    - 1 cardi
    - 1 ‘Cotton On’-type sweater/hoodie
    (maybe a night jacket as well?)
    - 5-10 singlet tops
    - few going out tops
    - bus yoga-type pants
    - 1-3 casual dresses
    - skirt
    - 1 thongs
    - 1 birkenstocks
    - 1 skate shoes
    - dress shoes
    - underwear, cossies, maybe boardies?

    - i don’t wear black pants out at the moment, so only taking jeans for going out pants
    - don’t wear skirts as much so limiting them
    - i think only 1 jeans cos i think that even on cooler days shorts will be comfier for walking around all day in
    - dress shoes are annoying! i’ve heard there’s a fair bit of walking from accomodation to dinners etc. so prob black/brown wedge maybe.
    But dresses im prob taking need another pair of shoes – white cork wedge.

    - pj’s?
    was lookng for 3/4 length air but can’t find any!

  • 25 Apr 2007 cbl said


    Does anyone know if they are really strict about how big your luggage is?? I have a roll on suitcase that is an inch taller than the size they want it to be, do u think thats a big deal?? I dont really want to buy a whole new luggage set…but i dont want to be kicked off the bus either!? lol…thanks

  • 25 Apr 2007 PSU Girl said


    When I went last year on the European Discovery tour, it was not that big of a deal..they don’t stand there with a tape measurer and measure your luggage. If it’s only an inch larger I think you will be fine. Thou it is in your best interest to pack on the light side, since you are the one lugging it around from the bus, up to your room and in and out of the hotel. haha

  • 25 May 2007 mbloom said


    im going on the european escapade in june….does anyone suggest a swimsuit or two?

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