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Brazil & Argentina Tour 28th Apil 2012......

1 Feb 2012 Claire_3 asked


Is anyone booked onto this tour? I am from the UK and this will be my second Contiki trip - I did the Sydney - Darwin Australia Adventurer tour a few years ago.

It would be good to get in touch with anyone esle who is booked on for Argentina and Brazil! :-)


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  • 3 Feb 2012 Elyse87 said


    My friend Sam and I are booked on this tour! How did you like the Sydney tour?

  • 3 Feb 2012 Claire_3 said


    Hi Elyse,

    Yeah the Australia tour was brilliant, met loads of really nice people and did a sky dive and scuba on the Great barrier Reef, I woudl definitely reccomend it. What are you guys up to before and after this tour? I’m arriving in Buenos Aries the night before and have booked into a hotel near Icaro Suites where the tour starts and I have a couple of free days after the tour finishes in Rio.

  • 3 Feb 2012 Sam_I_Am said


    Hey Claire!

    I am so excited for this trip. Elyse and I just booked out flight tickets.

    We are flying out of Toronto on April 27th and arrive in Buenos Aries around 9:30am on April 28th.

    After the tour we are flying to Bogota, Columbia to visit Elyse’s friend. Our flight leaves at 1:30am so we will have a full day in Rio on the day the tour ends.

    I was thinking of going to Australia or New Zealand next February. I have started saving for it. The two activities I want to do there is sky diving and snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef. I don’t know if scuba is for me. I have bad sinuses so I think I would have trouble equalizing.

    Do have anything specific planned for your extra days in Rio?

  • 3 Feb 2012 Sam_I_Am said


    P.S I noticed your profile picture is a jumping shot. I am queen of jumping pictures. I take them everywhere I go. I definitely want a jumping picture in front of the iguazu falls and Christ the Redeemer!

  • 3 Feb 2012 Elyse87 said


    Hey Claire!
    Australia sounds amazing. It is def on my list of places to see. Did you go by yourself? I am hoping we have nice weather in Rio so I can hit the beach for a bit!

  • 4 Feb 2012 Alex said


    Hi Claire…
    I am really interested in booking this tour… but not sure about when is the best timing during the year (weather wise) to make it…
    Any reason you booked for the tour in April?

    Cheers, Alex

  • 5 Feb 2012 Claire_3 said


    Hi Guys,

    Sam – I LOVE doing jumping shots – we should definitely get some good ones! :-) I know what you mean about scuba – It took me a while to get down, I had to come up a couple of times first for exactly that reason – I couldn’t equalize for a while, but once we got to the bottom it was so worth it, and as a beginner, you have an instructor with you the whole time. I would say I enjoyed the sky dive the most though. We did a camp out in the Northern Territory too which was really good. I don’t have any plans yet for my last few days in Rio, but I will hopefully make some decisions about it over the next few weeks! Your Columbia trip sounds exciting ! Have you been there b4?

    Elyse, yeah, I flew out to Australia on my own, but met one of my uni friends out there and I spent the first few days with her in Sydney, then did the tour, then went to stay with family in Brisbane. It was brilliant, can’t wait for this next tour now! (You and Sam should feel free to add me on facebook if you like before the trip. It’s Claire White, Manchester)

    Hi Alex, I booked the tour for April, partly becuase I knew it would take me a while to save up for it! I also researched the weather online and it seemed to me that there was a compromise to be made between temperature and rainfall, as it seemed that the hottest times were also the wettest. I’m no expert though I’m afraid so you’re probably best to just check online – it’s really easy to find the yearly typical weather patterns. Are you planning on booking onto the trip for the same dates as Elyse, Sam and I or later in the year?

    Claire x

  • 6 Feb 2012 Sam_I_Am said


    I’ve been wanting to go sky diving for years. My friends are too chicken. I’m afraid but excited to do it.

    I’ve never been to Columbia.. Or South America at all. I’ve only been to the Caribbean and Elyse and I went to Kenya a couple years ago for our final teaching internship for school.

    I can’t find you on Facebook. Search me: Sam Landrigan (my profile picture is the same as my Contiki profile so I should be easy to find)

  • 6 Feb 2012 Alex said


    Hi Claire …
    I am planning to book for a night before the tour starts, say arrive buenos aires on 26 or 27. Then I will probably stay 2 more days in Rio as well.
    What’s the name of the hotel u booked in Buenos aires? Any ideas on hotels to stay in while in rio?
    You can find me on Facebook by searching alaa Hasan Bahrain.
    Let’s get in touch and thanks for the info

    Alex alaa Hasan

  • 6 Feb 2012 Elyse87 said


    Hi Claire and Alex,
    I would love to do scuba diving! I did the underwater walking in South Africa this summer where you have an oxygen going up to the surface. It was pretty cool, but now I want to learn to do the real thing! I have never been to Colombia but I travel like crazy. You are lucky you live in Europe! You are much closer to everything than we are here.
    Claire- I can’t find you on facebook. If you search my email address ( you should be able to find me.
    Alex – I THINK I added you to facebook.. it could be a random person!


  • 7 Feb 2012 Claire_3 said


    Sam, I have definitely added you on Facebook, Alex and Kira, I have tried to add you both but am not sure if it worked!

    The hotel I have booked in BA is called Europlaza Hotel and Suites, I’ve just booked there because it’s very close to the hotel where the tour starts from and I only arrive the evening before. I haven’t looked into hotels in Rio yet, but I will probably use the same website, I think it was but I will check and let you know. I can’t really decide whether to book a Rio hotel b4 the trip or just wait until the time. What are you thinking?


  • 8 Feb 2012 KeriPalkee said


    yeah i think all three of those will go far in the world cup!
    Meta Burn

  • 8 Feb 2012 Alex said


    Hi Claire/Elyse/Sam,
    I dont think you have added me on FB, so i sent you a request. Ive looked at the reviews and pics of Europlaza Hotel and it seemed suprizingly good for a 3 stars hotel. Safe and good location, clean and reasonable priced… i think its a good choice. I might book in the same hotel but i will have to check my flight timing again..

    As for RIO, i think it is better to book now so that we do not get stuck with bad choices and higer prices then. Besides, we can always change our mind since has a free cancellation policy on many hotels. I personally prefer to stay in Ipanema area closer to the Copacabana beach… although the hotels in this are are kinda expensive. I just looked at Windsor Martinique as an option. Let me know what you think… Which are do you plan to stay in if you have spared couple of days after the tour?


    Alex Alaa Hasan
    (search for alaa hasan on Facebook or

  • 8 Feb 2012 Claire_3 said



    Good idea about setting up the facebook group Elyse!

    Alex, I agree, it will probably be easier to book beforehand, I’ve had a look at Windsor Martinique and it looks nice – you’re obviously paying for the good location but it seems very much worth it. I had been thinking somwhere close to the beach would be ideal so this looks good. I will have to check my return flight aswell though. I think I would be checking in on 7th May and out on 9th. I will et you know if I decide to book it.

    My flight arrives in Buenos Aires in the evening on 27th April so you guys will probably have already arrived by then.


  • 8 Feb 2012 Sam_I_Am said


    Our flight arrives April 28 in the morning.. Not sure what time the tour starts. Maybe we can meet for much or something

  • 19 Feb 2012 Claire_3 said


    Yeah, it would be good to meet up before, I will send you my number via fb, and I will have access to facebook on my phone anyway. xx

  • 28 Feb 2012 Nathan said


    Hi guys, good to see a few other people going on this tour. When I booked it wasn’t to sure what the weather would be like (being April & all) or how many other people would be on the tour. A long time Contiki fan, first time Contiki traveller, but as long as it ain’t raining i’ll be a happy chappy :).

  • 28 Feb 2012 Sam_I_Am said


    Welcome to the group Nathan!

    I doubt any of us want it to rain. It limits our choice of activities. I especially do not want it to rain while we are in Brazil. I’m looking forward to sailing, beaches and hanggliding. So the less rain the better! You can look up historical data on percipitation on Choose the country and then advance the calendar.

    What part of the world are you coming from?

    We’re all linked up on Facebook also if you want to join us (but beware… I will creep any photos you have, haha).

    Does anyone know if we’ll have a sky diving opportunity? Or is this something I’d have to organize on my own if I want to do it? I’m guess hanggliding in Brazil will be the closest I get to this.

  • 2 Mar 2012 Nathan said


    Ok guys, I think I have friended you on Facebook…yet again could have sent requests to complete randoms. Thanks for the website to check out the weather Sam, i’ll need to check that out before I get over to Sth America. I also hope to be able to do a few wild sailing, diving or white water rafting type adventures & get myself out of my comfort zone :)

  • 2 Mar 2012 Sam_I_Am said


    White water rafting is awesome if like water sports. I did it once a couple of years ago but will never do it again. I’m a little afraid of water. I’m not a strong swimmer. But I’m glad I did it once. I’d be interested in repelling down a waterfall though.

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