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Oktoberfest 2012

5 Feb 2012 Scott84Perth asked


Hi all,

I wanted to hear from anyone who has been on the previous Oktoberfest tours with Contiki (or to Munich for Oktoberfest on any other tour) and anyone going on the 2012 tour.

I booked the 7 day camping tour about 6 months ago but just saw that there is a new Hostel version (I don't think this was offered before and wasn't when I booked) which I might prefer to do for the extra $150AUD.

Just wondering what past travellers thoughts about the campsite were? I don't go camping very often (every couple of years) and was just wondering if those that went on the previous tours thought it would have been improved by staying in a hostel rather than a tent or whether the campsite atmosphere was awesome and therefore worth roughing it.

One issue is that I'll have to buy a sleeping bag in London if I do go for the camping version as I'm on a 4 week tour beforehand (not with Contiki) and won't have any need for it, plus don't want it to eat into my baggage allowance. I want to check reviews on the hostel too so I'll be giving Contiki a bell tomorrow to find out which hostel it is.

Apart from that... who's booked in?! I'm really looking forward to this :-D


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  • 7 Mar 2012 georgalut said


    Ahh sounds like you have an amazing trip lined up.
    Well if we are in London at the same time your welcome to come with us to Drink and be merry and see all the amazing sights, if not seeyou at Oktoberfest! woohooo

  • 12 Mar 2012 Chanel said


    Hi everyone!
    I just booked oktoberfest for Sept 29th. I’ll be in london a few days before! Can’t wait!!

  • 26 Mar 2012 Banjo82ben said


    Hi Scott, I’m about to finalize my booking for 7 day camping tour leaving London on the 20th Sept i was going to book the hostel tour also but a guy i work with has done 6 Oktoberfests while working for one of the other tour companies and he changed my mind because he said the atmosphere at the camp is just as good as the event it self!! which if you think about hundreds or thousands of like minded ppl all camping out? sounds like a recipe for lots of um…….stuff!!!!!! (ever been to a B&S Ball times 200?)

    I’m from Cairns but i used to live in Kununurra WA so seems like plenty of Aussies going on this trip!

    I’m super keen for the whole experience!!!!! as will be only my second trip overseas…

    he also said Contiki is the most experienced operator with plenty of buses running all hours of the day & nite and have the best local experience.. shit yeah bring it on…..

  • 26 Mar 2012 Elisha said


    ^ Camping is going to be amazing!
    It seems like a lot of people are doing to hostel but I personally prefer camping anyway, and for some reason, camping is just that much extra fun when its freezing cold which I hear it will be.

    How fast is this year going, not long now really!

    Bring it on!

  • 29 Mar 2012 Katie91 said


    Hey guys!I’m also from mandurah WA, I’m also booked on the hostel tour but the 6 day one starting on the 25th. Anyone else on this tour? :)

  • 29 Mar 2012 Bubba said


    Hey guys!

    I’m doing the 25 day Euro Escapades tour then linked to 6 day Oktoberfest tour (concept) 25th Sept.

    I’m flying solo also, bit scary but can’t wait to meet you guys it’s gonna be crazy! :)

  • 5 Apr 2012 Emma112 said


    Hi, i am doing the hostel oktoberfest contiki aswell, it leaves london on the 20th september, is that the same one you guys are on?

  • 5 Apr 2012 Banjo82ben said


    As it seems like there are both Hostel & Camping tours leaving on the 20th do you think they will keep us separate or just pile the buses?

    Because it looks like most are going Hostel which after i thought/goggled about it 5degC is pretty bloody cold and I’m a tropical lad to say the least….I checked and Hostel is now booked out….looks like thermal undies for me….Pitty couldn’t fit the swag in!!

  • 5 Apr 2012 Banjo82ben said


    Has anyone else booked any additional tours/events while in Munich??

    I’m keen to see a few sights while there but not sure what?? any thoughts??

  • 6 Apr 2012 AnnieH said


    @Katie91- me and two of my friends (from Brisbane) are booked on the 25th September hostel one!! :) are you doing it alone or have friends doing it with you??

  • 6 Apr 2012 Emma112 said


    Banjo82ben, i have a friend who went to oktoberfest last year and he said it was really really hot, going on the camping one it will get cool at night but it shouldnt be too bad, but in saying that we come from a town that barely reaches 30 degrees in summer and i think they will keep us seperate because a full tour is a full bus

  • 20 Apr 2012 Scott84Perth said


    Hey all,

    Ben: I’m definitely keen to do some exploring in Munich prior to Oktoberfest. I believe we will be arriving sometime in the morning of 21/9/12 but the festival doesn’t start until the following day so we have a free day to have a look around. I’ve been told to definitely check out Hofbrau Haus and the BMW museum.

    Anyone chasing info on Oktoberfest, here’s the official website:

    Or munich in general:
    153 days to go peeps :-D

  • 20 Apr 2012 Scott84Perth said


    or exactly 5 months :-O

  • 20 Apr 2012 Banjo82ben said



    let me know if you book something because i have a friend of mine whos a travel agent looking for stuff to do so I’m keen to do what ever is happening. I’m not sure if it is the same place but a guy i work with who used to do Oktoberfest as a tour guide for a couple of the other tour companies said there is the best museum in town that is a must see!! apparently..

    Thanks for the websites did you have a good look through that Oktoberfest website? it looks like a lot of those tents take bookings and they tend to fill up pretty quick?

    it looks like i will be getting to London on the 18th are you staying at the Royal National at all before the tour?

  • 20 Apr 2012 Elisha said


    Time is going to quickly!

    I get to London on the 19th and am staying at the Royal National i think, I cant remember haha

  • 20 Apr 2012 Scott84Perth said


    I called Contiki about table bookings. The lady I spoke to said that Contiki don’t book for you and added that is can be very expensive to do so… it is probably woth double checking by emailing the major tents to ask on pricing or ‘minimum spend’ amounts.

    As for the must-see museum do you want to try to find out what it’s called? I know there is the ‘Deutsches Museum’ going off the Wikipedia page, but no doubt there are others too. Perhaps seeing the museum before Hofbrau Haus might be an idea… ;-)

    Not sure about pre-Oktoberfest accommodation just yet. I guess I’ll probably stay at the Royal National or somewhere nearby the night before. I haven’t been bothered to book just yet….

  • 6 Jun 2012 Suzie said


    Hi Scott, Ive done Oktoberfest as part of my Contiki in 2010 and I did camping for a whole 46 days so yeh I def got sick of it but camping for Oktoberfest was nothing too outrageous but oh my did it get cold and when trying to stumble to your tent being surrounded by about another 1000 tents all the same colour when your freezing and half blind isnt the funnest of things, so this time im def upgrading to hostel, the campsite that everyone stays at, quite a few ppl have had their things stolen out of their tents even when sleeping in them so its just all luck, but the bathrooms r a hassel too, you have to pay for the water and its like 5mins of ice cold water so for us girls trying to get dolled up was a task and a half, but i mean im all for camping and adventure but sleeping and comfort is one thing I want to know I have covered every night and not hoping that my tent is still standing and my things havnt been nicked. Im about to book the 29th Sep contiki cant fucking wait, so this will be my second trip to oktoberfest and its really the best thing you will ever do………..if you can remember it lol
    So any questions just hit me up xxooooo

  • 6 Jun 2012 Katie91 said


    @ annieH yay someone else on this tour!! I’m doing it alone! :s Are you departing London or meeting in Munich? would be nice to meet in London before hand if your there :) you doing much travel before/ after?

  • 6 Jun 2012 AnnieH said


    @katie trruueee well don’t worry, me and two other girlfriends will be there and im sure heaps of other solos so it will be FUN :) well we don’t actually know yet whether we will be joing in London or Munich yet because yeah we are in Europe for awhile before- since early July, we’re doing greek islands and croatia sailing and spain and whatever else we decide and then oktoberfest is actually the last thing we’re doing before we fly out! but we might go back to london and join there so if we do we can def go out for pre-festival drinks!! are you doing any other travelling while you’re there??

  • 6 Jun 2012 Katie91 said


    @annieH yes definately looking forward to it :) sounds like your doing quite a bit of travel! I’m doing the European adventurer 37day tour fly out on the 18th July spending heaps of time on England, week in Ireland and then Oktoberfest and poss traveling around after but pretty much winging it! Yeah I’d be keen on pre drinks if not il see you in Munich! :)

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