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Oktoberfest 2012

5 Feb 2012 Scott84Perth asked


Hi all,

I wanted to hear from anyone who has been on the previous Oktoberfest tours with Contiki (or to Munich for Oktoberfest on any other tour) and anyone going on the 2012 tour.

I booked the 7 day camping tour about 6 months ago but just saw that there is a new Hostel version (I don't think this was offered before and wasn't when I booked) which I might prefer to do for the extra $150AUD.

Just wondering what past travellers thoughts about the campsite were? I don't go camping very often (every couple of years) and was just wondering if those that went on the previous tours thought it would have been improved by staying in a hostel rather than a tent or whether the campsite atmosphere was awesome and therefore worth roughing it.

One issue is that I'll have to buy a sleeping bag in London if I do go for the camping version as I'm on a 4 week tour beforehand (not with Contiki) and won't have any need for it, plus don't want it to eat into my baggage allowance. I want to check reviews on the hostel too so I'll be giving Contiki a bell tomorrow to find out which hostel it is.

Apart from that... who's booked in?! I'm really looking forward to this :-D


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  • 17 Aug 2012 Terri-Lynn said


    haha!! We’ll have to make reservations at the Icebar!!! They put you in there for about 45 min! Then they rotate you out! Feel free to add me to facebook it’s an easier way to keep in touch I think! :)

  • 18 Aug 2012 Damion.Hamburg said


    Hey Scott-
    I am going to be coming solo from Hamburg (live there now) to Munich on the 25th of Sept.
    Will be camping and looking forward to making some friends.
    If want to hit up a tent or two, or three together let me know!

  • 5 Sep 2012 Explorer1187140 said


    hello i’ll be doing the Contiki London and Paris and I want to continue it with the Oktoberfest From Oct. 3-Oct.6…anyhow I want to do the camping one but I have a few ??….firts some one in customer told me they provide a sleeping bags and then you could throug it away or donate it….does anyone know if its true or not/….another ? in regards to the hostels wondering if I could just book that myself dont think Contiki has any more room?….I really need all the info I could get from anyone that is going or that has gone I would greatly appreciate it….any one beigh brave and doing it solo??

  • 5 Sep 2012 Banjo82ben said


    From what i understand you will need to purchase a sleeping bag for yourself, then once you have finished i suppose you can do what ever you want with it?? (i don’t plant to bring mine back) and if you are looking for accommodation you might struggle this late to find something close to the Oktoberfest ground but you never know?? the good thing about Contiki camping is there are busses that go from the event to the camp ground day and night (which from what ive been told by a friend that has done a couple of Oktoberfests is its about 30mins each way) …. but what every you do make sure your there :-)

    Excited Much!!!! :-)

  • 6 Sep 2012 Justin said


    theres two of us on the 27/9 bus from london Oktoberfest. first time using contiki n looking forward to it, should be a laugh :-)

  • 13 Sep 2012 Banjo82ben said


    Get Excited PPL one week to GO!!

  • 21 Sep 2012 Suzie said


    not too much longer getting excited people, does everyone have their Dirndl’s and leiderhosens ready???? xxxx

  • 8 Oct 2012 Banjo82ben said


    Can anyone on the Hostel Tour tell me how it was??

    the Camping tour was…………. Epic!!! to say the least although it had its moments here and there when it was freezing (Terri yes i know it wasn’t Canada freezing!!) but the eleventy seven litres of beer tended to dull the pain ;-)

    just interested to know how our hostel brothers and sisters enjoyed their Weisn??

  • 8 Oct 2012 Terri-Lynn said


    Lance was in he hostel, it was cold the last night for me! Bet you’re happy to be back in the warm land down under!!

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