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opinion please = short or long tours?

21 Feb 2008 rach333 asked

Hi all, I will be jetsetting over to the UK at the end of june (first time O/S). I will be spending some time in london with cousins then i am wanting to tour europe then live & work in scotland... i have a 2 year visa.<BR><BR>I initially thought i should take the ultimate european trip (egypt option).. then i thought maybe i will take the greek island option as i will no doubt need a 'break' to chill out in the middle of such a long trip... i will then do the egypt trip on its own next year. <BR><BR>i want to see as much as i could and get best value for money... but i dont know how i will be able to keep up with everyone for 45 days. The long busy days then (from what most travelouges say parties every night)<BR><BR>I will be 27 soon, i still party with the best of them & love fun adventures, but i also have a nice cosy bed i can hide away from the world after a 3 day bender and recover!<BR><BR>so what are ppls suggestions? should i brave the huge adventure or take a few of the smaller tours over the next 2 years?
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  • 21 Feb 2008 donno13 said



    I haven’t been on a tour yet, but I had the same conundrum…

    In the end, I chose to do the 33 day European Explorer for many of the reasons you have highlighted there. I figured that with the 4 day break at Mykonos in the middle I’d be able to recoup and continue on, and the two runs of 14 or 15 days would be about the most I could handle of continual travelling and movement. Also it has lots of two night stops (which I feel will be better for staying ‘alive’) and it’s a time out tour, so I think that will all help me survive the long tour!

  • 21 Feb 2008 Carli said


    there are other stops on the ultimate european that are rest and refresh like the wine regions of france, florence, istanbul, vienna, the swiss alps etc. there is more than one night at these stops.

    i think its a case of knowing your limits, if you need a night off – go to bed. plus theres lots of sleeping time on the bus.

  • 22 Feb 2008 ptooma said


    It really depends in a large part of the individuals on your tour, and this you will have no control over. If it’s a good group, you’ll feel like the UE was too short at the end of it all, but if the the group is outta sync, 5 days will be plenty. More often than not though, the group will comprise of open minded ppl so you’ll find a core buncha friends within the group.

    I’ve done a 28 day tour and it was a good group, we could’ve easily done the EU. I’ve also done a 14 day which I was appreciative of the sights, but without any group chemistry.

    If I had the choice, I’d do the EU and experience a sampling of everything and an idea of which places I may wish to visit indepth later on.

    - Vic

  • 22 Feb 2008 cdm115 said


    The longer tours seem to attract people who are staying (whether working holiday or just traveling) in europe for a while. A nice benefit of the tour is that you’ll likely end up making some friends who you’ll be able to see while in the UK. The tours that are in the 2 week range tend to have more people who are just on a vacation to see europe.

    I did a 33 day tour, you just have to pace yourself with the partying. But there is something to be said for a hotel room. I think the UE uses more hostels (and i think a couple hotels) later on in the tour then in the first half of the tour.

  • 22 Feb 2008 rach333 said


    thanks so much everyone… all really great advice Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->.. It would be tops/ideal to meet ppl on tours and travel further or meet up with along the way too.


  • 24 Feb 2008 Charisse Roza said


    A contiki holiday is the best way to meet people…your tour (well mine) was a full bus, as they generally are, that’s like 50 people.
    You will be friends with all of them, and in most cases people are staying on to take another holiday, or to meet up with people they met on a past trip.
    I did the European Panorama, it was 32 days, and I truly believe it was the best trip out of any of them offered for the “all rounded” experience.
    15 countries in a month is a lot, but you really get the best of each, and are able to pick your faves and go back!

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