Anyone going on the european whirl tour may 8th?

6 Feb 2012 jenn asked


I recently booked my tour for the european whirl starting officially on may 8th and ending on the 25th!!!! Can't wait!!!

  • 9 Feb 2012 Aimee said


    Hey Jennifer I’ve booked this tour and I am so excited but a little nervous about travelling alone. Are you going alone or with friends/ bf? Where are you from?

  • 10 Feb 2012 jenn said


    I’m travelling alone too! I’m not really all that nervous though, moreso excited. I’m from Canada, where are you from?

  • 12 Feb 2012 Aimee said


    Im excited too I can’t wait now it’s booked! I’m from the United Kingdom. How old are you?

  • 15 Feb 2012 jenn said


    I’m 20, i’ll be turning 21 while on this tour :D

  • 17 Feb 2012 Tatums said


    Hi add Facebook Page Contiki European Whirl May 6

  • 18 Feb 2012 FaithEliza said


    I’m booked! But I just have to wait for my visa to be approved before I finalize everything. Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  • 19 Mar 2012 JSJ said


    im from Australia, and ive booked for this tour with two other mates cant wait, goin to be awesome!!

  • 23 Mar 2012 Mioso21 said


    Hey Everyone, I’m from Canada and travelling alone, just booked and paid for this trip today! SO excited!!

  • 30 Mar 2012 Kyle said


    Im signed up for this trip too, im also Canadian and travelling alone. treating myself to a grad trip – this should be fun, stoked to meet everyone and have a blast in Europe!

  • 30 Mar 2012 Aimee said


    Hey Kyle, look forward to meeting you, Europe is going to be Amazing!



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