cash passport or 28 degrees mastercard

6 Feb 2012 Explorer1334491 asked


I'm tossing up between a cash passport (the multi one at or a 28 degrees mastercard. Anyone had any experience with these or any advice? Or alternatives?

Thanks :)

  • 6 Feb 2012 BookwormMel said


    I’m having the same dilemma. My house mate recommended the 28 degrees mastercard because there isn’t any fees when you’re using it overseas unlike most bank-associated credit cards. And its a handy addition to the money you have already saved for spending.

    I’m looking at getting both a cash passport and a 28 degrees mastercard just to cover all bases.

  • 12 Feb 2012 ExplorerJeff said


    i took the travelex cash passport as my main source of funds and my bank card and a credit card as back up funds. If the 28 degree master card is a full credit card i would not use it overseas as your main source of funds for several reason you will pay a highn price for it later and its a security risk if you you it continouesly as credit fraud can be quiet high in europe. the prepaid card is better value for money and only use bank or credit card as back up funds. the prepaid card isn’t link to your own bank account so there is no risk of your account being accessed by anyone unauthoirsed.



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