Who is going on European Escapade April 19th??

9 Feb 2012 Lisa asked


Hay! Are there any people heading off on the 19th April Escapade? I cant find any comments for it! haha

  • 9 Mar 2012 erin90 said


    hey, my friend and i are both going on this tour…not long now we are so excited

  • 10 Mar 2012 Lisa said


    Yay! i sooo cant wait! where are u guys from? are u staying at royal national the night before?

  • 12 Mar 2012 erin90 said


    Yeah we are. We flying into London on the 13th to some stuff and then staying at the royal national. We are Australia…. Top of WA last stop before the border to the NT in the middle of no where pretty much. It’s called kununurra… Where are you from

  • 7 Apr 2012 Lisa said


    Sorry i never replied! havnt been on in aaages! mean, yea i dont know where that place is haha im from auckland, nz. oh sweet im heading to london tomoz for a week then staying in national royal? u guys staying there the night before?? u all packed now??



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