Whos going scenic southern NZ in March 14 - 20?

9 Feb 2012 Lozza asked


Hey guys this is my first Contiki trip......Any pointers on what to take, what to do, how much money i will need?

  • 12 Feb 2012 em88 said


    Hey Lozza.. So some pointers.. Don’t expect anything and go in with an open mind!! Contiki is amazing and will constantly surprise you.. Budget 100 bucks a day, if you like to have a few drinks then maybe 150 a day.. And make sure you check out all the optionals you wanna do and put the money away for those.. You will find (especially in Queenstown) that even though you’ve budgeted for 2 things you may only be able to do 1 because they overlap or whatever, so then you will have a little bit leftover.. Take a jumper!!! South island will be a bit cooler, through the day should still be nice but will cool down overnight.. Jeans, a nice dress and heels (if you like to wear them) just comfy clothes for the bus and comfy shoes for walking around.. If you go to travel resources page there is a basic packing list.. Don’t forget that your bag cant be more then 20kgs on the bus aswell :) Hope this helps!!



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