First time traveler

22 Jul 2010 Jennieva30 said

Hello All <img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)--> I am planning on taking a trip with contiki in march or april of 2011 my question is when you find a tour that you want to book how do you book the flight? what is the process once you land in your start off destination. Any and all advice/tips is appriciated <img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)-->
  • 23 Jul 2010 cdm115 said


    In many cases, but not all Contiki can book for you. Easy but usually not the cheapest way.

    It’s not tough to book airfare you can have your travel agent (though not all do airfare) or you can do it online.

    Depending on where you are flying from and to it can be pretty easy or slightly more complicated. If you are flying from Australia to London there are a couple different airlines with a wide varitey of stop overs. If you’re flying NYC to London there are a lot of different airlines, then it comes to price and airline preference.



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