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First Time Traveller

15 Feb 2012 WorldTraveller25 asked


So guys im a first time overseas traveller.

how did you all deal with the whole new excitement, nervousness and first time traveller feelings.
how did you cope and be able to keep your head screwed on so that you made sure you were checked in, didnt lose your passport or leave anything on the tour.

Just ways to make sure I dont do anything stupid or foolish on the tour and make sure I stay excited and have fun but not let my first time traveller jitters get to me.

Advice from anybody would be appreciated :)

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  • 15 Mar 2012 jess said


    Just be yourself and keep your head!

  • 15 Mar 2012 WorldTraveller25 said


    thanks :)

  • 16 Mar 2012 cdm115 said


    Be friendly and get to know people, everyone acts like a family and will help each other keep their heads on straight.

  • 17 Mar 2012 WorldTraveller25 said


    thanks alot.

  • 17 Mar 2012 Aussie Alana said

    Aussie Alana

    I am thinking the same thing! kind of freaking out a little about the big trip but trying to stay calm and chilled, and just doing all i can to be organised so i dont freak out panic and forget things :-)

  • 17 Mar 2012 cdm115 said


    Your TM will probably suggest it, but mine always suggested that one roommate be responsible for the key the other for checking the room before leaving. Keep the same pattern, it will be helpful in making sure nothing gets lost in a hotel room.

  • 17 Mar 2012 ThereseGrennard said


    Hi! I have never been on a Contiki tour before (but I am extremely excited about the Grand adventurer I have booked!) although I have travelled a fair bit on my own before I have always found that even though it is essential to maintain organised, and certainly to keep passports, wallets and tickets under control, do not let it go too far! Of course those bits are crucial for you to even be able to begin your journey, but relax, it will not magically disappear from your inner pocket! I have met people who have been absolutely obsessed with constrantly checking schedules, belongings and the time, and that made it impossible to enjoy the journey. Take it as it comes- even though things might not be what you expected they may certainly be even better! Also, the main thing I have learnt in life, always bring painkillers! Bring the sort you usually would use at home and pop one into each pocket you have- the security of having one close at hand will most likely prevent you from even feeling any pain anywhere at all, and if you would need one it is comforting to have medication that you are used to and trust. Especially if you are expecting your period, I find it unbelievably comforting to just have some at hand. And, lastly, as marvellous and terrific as it is to capture every moment with a picture, do not forget to experience! Put the camera aside and! :D

  • 18 Mar 2012 WorldTraveller25 said


    thank you TGennard and cdm115 :)

  • 8 Apr 2012 european_beauty said


    Hey, Ive travelled and lived overseas, travelling by yourself is such an amazing experiance. You meet some wonderful different people and you see some extrodanary sights.

    My advise is to copy all your ID cards, passport and eftpos cards.. it was such a help.

    Also talk to everyone and visit everything you can.. not having to check in with fellow travellers is such a relief unless your doing a tour.

    On the other hand – going by yourself is wonderful for your night life.. bring on rocking the night scene :).

    Have fun and stay safe :)

  • 8 Apr 2012 WorldTraveller25 said


    im travelling on a tour. so i will have to check in solo but ensure i am at the right place at the right time.

    haha awesome :) THANK YOU

  • 10 Apr 2012 Kirsty1044 said



    I went on my first overseas trip last year to Europe. I was a solo traveller and completely out of my mind excited. I put off going overseas so so long because I was going solo, but as soon as I stepped off the plane, I just made the most of it and am grateful to this day that I went by myself, because you just let go. You will make so many new friends and they will be like your family. You will be shocked at how close you get in such a short time. Just enjoy your time overseas and make the most of it. Get amongst it!

    Hope this settles your nerves a bit, I hope you have a fantastic time :)


  • 10 Apr 2012 WorldTraveller25 said


    Thx Kirsty :) Helps a bit :)

  • 10 Apr 2012 Peroneg said


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  • 10 Apr 2012 WorldTraveller25 said


    not relevant to this discussion.

  • 10 Apr 2012 european_beauty said


    random lol.. just take in all the sites and you will be ok

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