Grand Southern August 23rd 2012 :)

15 Feb 2012 Contikiliki asked


Heeeey guys, whos booked and pumped for the Grand southern (starting La) on Aug 23rd???

  • 19 Feb 2012 sarah said


    hello, im booked on this tour and very excited

  • 27 Feb 2012 Cassie said


    hi Sarah i’m booked on this as well. where are you from??

  • 28 Feb 2012 Emily said


    Hey sarah, me and my sister have also booked for this tour – Cmon Augussstttt!!!!

  • 28 Feb 2012 sarah said


    we have a facebook page going might help with some questions Hopes that works

  • 1 Mar 2012 Cassie said


    hi Sarah im from Sydney, im travelling with a friend i met on my 2nd tour.

  • 1 Mar 2012 Peter said


    Hi Cassie, I’m all booked for this tour too! 24 weeks from tomorrow will be making my way over!!!
    Most of us are on that FB group too so feel free to join!

  • 5 Mar 2012 Jess said


    Hey Guys.. I am booked on this tour aswell :) Very exciteddd

  • 11 Mar 2012 Explorer1136299 said


    i have previously done this tour in 09 and am looking to do it again. you guys will have a blast. savour every moment!!!! its the best time u will ever have, guaranteed!

  • 21 Mar 2012 Marchy said


    hey every one, my self and 2 other mates meet this tour halfway in new orleans. We are doing the eastern discovery starting on the 4th september.

  • 13 May 2012 Laura.adele said


    I’m Laura and I’m more then excited to go on my 1st contiki tour who’s parting from Melbourne?

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