how much spending money is needed on Contiki?

20 Feb 2012 DayOutWithEThomas asked


How much spending money would you guys advise a girl to take to Europe for a weeks hardcore sightseeing Contiki stylee?

  • 20 Feb 2012 Jen_au said


    I’d aim for between 80-100 euro per day including optionals! Depends on if you like shoppng or drinking as they are the most expensive things to do on contiki lol!!! I did 2 months which had 2 contikis and a top deck tour and about a week or so solo travel and it averaged to about 95 euros a day. Some days are more and some less, I didn’t really do a heap of shopping but had to replace my camera in Venice which was a bit pricy :(, went out drinking nearly every night of my euro contiki and did all of the optionals on that amount!! :)

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