Russia (start stockholm) 13th July 2012?

21 Feb 2012 Rosie asked


Me and a friend are doing the russia tour starting 13th july
anyone else going?
We are both 23 and doing some travelling around spain before heading to stockholm for a couple of days before the tour starts. Should be amazing!

  • 23 Feb 2012 JohnW said


    I’m going as well!

  • 5 Mar 2012 Bec said


    Hi I’m doing this tour but joining in Helsinki on the 15th July – have wanted to go to Russia for ages so can’t wait to finally get there!

  • 5 Mar 2012 JohnW said


    Me too as I have Russian/Belarusian heritage. I just spent the month of January out in Australia! I went from Sydney to Cairns on a Contiki tour and I loved it! I’m hoping this tour will be just as much fun as the last one!

  • 5 Mar 2012 Bec said


    Cool it will be extra special for you then! Glad you enjoyed your Australian tour, I’m doing Contiki’s European Inspiration tour before I do the Russian one, haven’t gone Contiki before but really looking forward to both tours.

  • 7 Mar 2012 Rosie said


    Yay! there are some other people going! haha. Looking forward to meeting both of you

  • 7 Mar 2012 JohnW said


    What we did for my last contiki trip was get a facebook group going for it. If you’re up for doing that, feel free to send me a friend request (facebook info is on my profile) or private message me your info and I’ll send you an invite. I need at least one other person to start a group…looking forward to meeting ya’s!

  • 9 Mar 2012 Bec said


    Hey John have sent you a friend request on facebook so we can get a group going – the other tour I’m doing has a facebook group already, it’s a good idea!

  • 9 Mar 2012 JohnW said


    I’ve setup a Facebook group for the following tours:

    Scandinavia & Russia – June 30th/July 1st
    Russia (Start Stockholm) – July 13th
    Russia (Start Helsinki) – July 15th

    Feel free to join if you’re going on those tours!

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