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Anyone on the LA to Bay 7 March 2012?

25 Feb 2012 Kaminari asked


I'm going on the LA to Bay Winter Tour starting 7 March 2012, but have not seen any other comments yet. Hoping to find out who would be on the tour before getting there - I found it made things easier for when I did the NY to NO tour (which I finished yesterday). They also had a FB page for the trip - Not sure if one was set up for this tour or not.

Missing my Contiki NY to NO friends, and hoping to make some more on this one :)


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  • 26 Feb 2012 xoKaitlinxo said


    Hi Sarah, I’ll be there :)
    I was thinking the same thing, It would be great to meet some people before the tour starts. I’ve spent the last 2 months in Newzealand, Vanuatu and Bail all with a group of people but I’m travelling by myself in the US so I’d love to meet others. How was the NY to NO tour?


  • 26 Feb 2012 Kaminari said


    Hi Kaitlin! Nice to hear from you.
    I’m originally from New Zealand, but moved to Aus two years ago. Did you have a good time?
    It was an amazing tour! Kelly our tour guide was brilliant and very knowledgeable. She got out there with us in the clubs too. She arranged for a lot of extra activities which was a lot of fun. I was traveling solo on that tour, but made a lot of friends which I keep in touch with. Surprisingly, a lot of them were from Australia also! You’ll have a lot of fun on the tours. What day do you get into LA?

  • 26 Feb 2012 xoKaitlinxo said


    Sounds good :) I get to LA on the 3rd of march have a few things planned to see and i’ll be staying at the kyoto hotel the two nights before the tour too. What about yourself? I can’t wait to get over there :) After the tour i’m spending a little time in San Fran and then catching up with some family that live near Reno. Sounds like you’ve been in the states for a little while now, lucky thing :) My sister did this same tour but in the summer a few years ago and loved it, she said the same thing as you about the tour guides. Are you travelling by yourself on this tour too?

  • 26 Feb 2012 nguyena2 said


    Hi all, my name’s Aaron and I’m a 24 yr old from Melbourne and I’m on the Wild Western tour leaving on March 7th. I think both our tours are going to the same places (except Wild Western has a couple of extra days), will be getting into the Kyoto Grand on the 5th. Look forward to seeing everyone!

  • 26 Feb 2012 Kaminari said


    I fly over the day before the tour from Dallas, but I’ll be going back to LA for a few days after the tour ends :)
    I stay at the Kyoto prior as well! After the tour I’m spending about a week in San Fran with a friend of mine too, we’re going on the Alcatraz tour on the 23rd. Haha, It has been fabulous in the States! Even snowed for us in DC. Yeah, solo~

    Hi Aaron! Yup, I think the tours are the same. Our NY to NO was the same as the NY to LA tour (we had to say goodbye to everyone in NO which was pretty sad! ) Look forward to seeing you there!

  • 27 Feb 2012 xoKaitlinxo said


    Hi Aaron, I’m from Melbourne too :) Is this your first contiki? I Can’t wait, not long now :)

  • 27 Feb 2012 nguyena2 said


    Hi Sarah, look forward to meeting you next week, sounds like you’ve really been enjoying yourself so far!

    Hi Kaitlin, yep Melbourne boy, and yep first contiki tour. It’ll also be my first real trip to the snow, so that leg of the trip should be interesting in itself.

    If we’re all in the Kyoto prior maybe we can all catch up and do something.

  • 2 Mar 2012 xoKaitlinxo said


    Apparently over the last couple of days it’s snowed heaps, it will be so much fun:)

    Di you u both have Facebook? Maybe we can add each other do it’s easier to organize things. In leaving melb today for the states, so excited!

  • 2 Mar 2012 Kaminari said


    Hi Kaitlin

    My facebook is Sarah Kaminari ( ). I was thinking about creating a page, but I’ve never created one before. That way people even on the trip can keep in touch or tag people to say if there will be a dinner or a meeting. It’s really handy.

    Hope you have a great flight!

  • 3 Mar 2012 Kaminari said


    Thanks for the vid’s Brad :)

  • 3 Mar 2012 nguyena2 said


    Hi Sarah, I’ve just added you, look forward to catching up in LA!

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